Bank of England operations in the Money Markets - Until April 2006 [7393]

Instruments [INSTRUMENTS]
Instrument Currency [INSTRUMENT_CURRENCY]
Of Sector [OF_SECTOR]
Output In [OUTPUT_IN]
Seasonal Adjustment [SEASONAL_ADJUSTMENT]
Sector [SECTOR]
Type [TYPE]
Freq [freq]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[INSTRUMENTS] Instruments
  • [ARPRBB] Bank bill reverse repos
  • [TBOEOP] Bank of England operations
  • [TBALS] Banks' operational balances at the Bank of England
  • [ABILL] Bills - total
  • [ASWAP] Derivatives - swap assets
  • [ARPRBG] Gilts and euro debt reverse repos
  • [ALFAC] Late facilities
  • [TOFOP] Operations - offsetting total
  • [AREFIN] Refinancing
  • [ASASS] Stock of assistance
  • [ARPRTB] Treasury bill reverse repos
  • [ATBILL] Treasury bills
  • [LTBILL] Treasury bills
[INSTRUMENT_CURRENCY] Instrument Currency
  • [F] Foreign currencies - all
  • [£] Sterling
  • [T] Sterling and all foreign currencies
[OF_SECTOR] Of Sector
  • [CB] Central Bank
  • [CG] Central Government
  • [BK] UK resident banks (excl. Central Bank)
[OUTPUT_IN] Output In
  • [£] Sterling
[SEASONAL_ADJUSTMENT] Seasonal Adjustment
  • [U] Not seasonally adjusted
  • [X] Not seasonally adjusted
[SECTOR] Sector
  • [CTBK] Central Bank
  • [CGOV] Central Government
  • [STBK] Settlement banks
  • [BKSX] UK resident banks (excl. Central Bank)
[TYPE] Type
  • [L] Amounts outstanding
  • [T] Changes
[freq] Freq
  • [F] Annual (Financial)
  • [M] Monthly
  • [Q] Quarterly
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