Monetary financial institutions' loans to UK non-financial businesses, by size of business [78881]

Instruments [INSTRUMENTS]
Instrument Currency [INSTRUMENT_CURRENCY]
Of Sector [OF_SECTOR]
Output In [OUTPUT_IN]
Seasonal Adjustment [SEASONAL_ADJUSTMENT]
Sector [SECTOR]
Type [TYPE]
Freq [freq]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[INSTRUMENTS] Instruments
  • [BODD] Balance of overdrafts drawn
  • [GLENDG] Gross lending - total
  • [GREPAY] Gross repayments - total
  • [ALNRXO] Loans (excluding overdrafts) and reverse repos to
  • [ALOANS] Loans - total
[INSTRUMENT_CURRENCY] Instrument Currency
  • [T] Sterling and all foreign currencies
[OF_SECTOR] Of Sector
  • [AF] Agriculture, forestry and fishing industries
  • [DR] Buying, selling and renting of real estate
  • [CO] Construction companies
  • [DE] Development of buildings
  • [ED] Education providers
  • [EG] Electricity, gas and water suppliers
  • [HE] Health and social work organisations
  • [HR] Hotels and restaurants
  • [TI] Industrial sectors - total
  • [LW] Large businesses
  • [MN] Manufacturers
  • [MQ] Mining and quarrying industries
  • [PU] Public administration and defence
  • [RF] Real estate and related activities on a fee or contract basis
  • [RE] Real estate, renting, computing or other business service activities
  • [RP] Recreational, personal and community service organisations
  • [SA] Small and medium sized enterprises
  • [TC] Transport, storage and communication companies
  • [WR] Wholesale and retail trade and repair
[OUTPUT_IN] Output In
  • [%] Percent
  • [£] Sterling
[SEASONAL_ADJUSTMENT] Seasonal Adjustment
  • [U] Not seasonally adjusted
  • [Z] Seasonally adjusted
[SECTOR] Sector
  • [MFIS] Monetary financial institutions
[TYPE] Type
  • [L] Amounts outstanding
  • [T] Changes
  • [Y] Growth rate - 12 month
  • [3] Growth rate - 3 month (annualised)
[freq] Freq
  • [M] Monthly
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