Financial account / Net domestic investment abroad / Direct investment / Equity / Other Investments / Mining and quarrying Asset-Liability-Principle Rest of the World [A.A.DE.W1.S1.IMC.T.A.FA.D.F519.ALL.EUR.I._X._X.B.1]

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Balance of Payments Statistics (Direct Investment with activity breakdown / Publication)
Series ID
Updated on DBnomics on
June 1, 2022 (6:23 AM)


Frequency (BBk) [BBK_STD_FREQ]
Annual [A]
Measurement principle [BBK_ESFDI_MEASURE_PRINCIPLE]
Asset/Liability principle [A]
Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only [BBK_STD_REF_AREA]
Germany [DE]
Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only [BBK_ES_COUNTERPART_AREA]
Rest of the World [W1]
Resident sector of the compiling economy [BBK_ES_REF_SECTOR]
Total economy [S1]
Immediate counterpart (Immediate investor or immediate host, primary direct investment) [IMC]
Transaction flow, position (stock), or a change in position not due to transactions [BBK_ES_FLOW_STOCK_ENTRY]
Transactions [T]
Accounting entry (asset, liability, net) [BBK_ES_ACCOUNTING_ENTRY]
Assets (Net Acquisition of) [A]
International account item [BBK_ES_INT_ACC_ITEM]
Financial account [FA]
Functional category [BBK_ES_FUNCTIONAL_CAT]
Direct investment [D]
Type of financial instrument [BBK_ES_INSTR_ASSETS_CLASSIF]
Other equity [F519]
Type of entity [BBK_ESFDI_TYPE_ENTITY]
All resident units [ALL]
Unit of measure [BBK_ES_UNIT_MEASURE]
Euro [EUR]
Influence >=10% of voting power [I]
Method of valuation [BBK_ES_VALUATION]
Not allocated/unspecified (including all kinds of valuation methods) [_X]
Statistical unit [BBK_ESFDI_STAT_UNIT]
Unspecified statistical units [_X]
Industrial activity, NACE ans ISIC [BBK_ESFDI_ACTIVITY]
Mining and quarrying [B]
Activity allocation [BBK_ESFDI_ACTIVITY_ALLOC]
Activity of the direct investor [1]
Period Value BBK_DIFF_Y
2008 388.45
2009 291.858 -24.9
2010 29.756 -89.8
2011 136.742 359.5
2012 203.205 48.6
2013 350.369 72.4
2014 238.304 -32.0
2015 413.085 73.3
2016 229.384 -44.5
2017 380.114 65.7
2018 215.43 -43.3
2019 271.157 25.9
2020 70.421 -74.0