Annual – Million euro – International organisations – Private institutions – Direct expenditure – Lower secondary education - vocational – Austria [A.MIO_EUR.INTLORG.PRIV.DIR.ED25.AT]

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Funding of vocational education by education level, type of source and recipient of funding
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January 3, 2023 (1:07 PM)


Frequency [FREQ]
Annual [A]
Unit of measure [unit]
Million euro [MIO_EUR]
Sector [sector]
International organisations [INTLORG]
Counterpart sector [sector2]
Private institutions [PRIV]
Expenditure and investment [expend]
Direct expenditure [DIR]
International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011) [isced11]
Lower secondary education - vocational [ED25]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Austria [AT]
Period Value OBS_STATUS
2012 NA z
2013 NA z
2014 NA z
2015 NA z
2016 NA z
2017 NA z
2018 NA z
2019 NA z