Annual – 10 employees or more – Total labour costs (excluding apprentices) – Per employee in full-time equivalents, per hour – Euro (from 1.1.1999)/ECU (up to 31.12.1998) – Industry (except construction) – Südösterreich [A.GE10.D01.P_SAL_H.EUR.C-E.AT2]

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Labour cost, wages and salaries, direct remuneration by NACE Rev. 1.1 activity and NUTS 1 regions - LCS survey 2000
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August 31, 2019


Frequency [FREQ]
Annual [A]
Size classes in number of employees [sizeclas]
10 employees or more [GE10]
Labour costs structure [lcstruct]
Total labour costs (excluding apprentices) [D01]
Unit of measure [unit]
Per employee in full-time equivalents, per hour [P_SAL_H]
Currency [currency]
Euro (from 1.1.1999)/ECU (up to 31.12.1998) [EUR]
Classification of economic activities - NACE Rev.1.1 [nace_r1]
Industry (except construction) [C-E]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Südösterreich [AT2]
Period Value OBS_STATUS
2000 23.68