Annual – Percentage – Females – Never – From 15 to 19 years – Contributing family workers – Cyprus [A.PC.F.NVR.Y15-19.CFAM.CY]

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Employed persons working from home as a percentage of the total employment, by sex, age and professional status (%)
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October 30, 2022 (11:36 PM)


Frequency [FREQ]
Annual [A]
Unit of measure [unit]
Percentage [PC]
Sex [sex]
Females [F]
Frequency [frequenc]
Never [NVR]
Age class [age]
From 15 to 19 years [Y15-19]
Activity and employment status [wstatus]
Contributing family workers [CFAM]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Cyprus [CY]
Period Value OBS_STATUS
1999 NA c
2001 NA c
2003 NA c
2005 NA bc
2006 NA c
2007 NA u
2008 NA u
2009 NA bu
2010 NA u
2011 NA c
2012 NA c
2013 NA c
2014 NA c
2018 NA c
2019 NA c