Quarterly – Chain linked volumes (2005), million euro – Calendar adjusted data, not seasonally adjusted data – Exports of goods and services – Italy [Q.CLV05_MEUR.CA.P6.IT]

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Exports and imports by Member States of the EU/third countries
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November 15, 2019


Frequency [FREQ]
Quarterly [Q]
Unit of measure [unit]
Chain linked volumes (2005), million euro [CLV05_MEUR]
Seasonal adjustment [s_adj]
Calendar adjusted data, not seasonally adjusted data [CA]
National accounts indicator (ESA 2010) [na_item]
Exports of goods and services [P6]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Italy [IT]
Period Value OBS_STATUS
1999-Q1 NA c
1999-Q2 NA c
1999-Q3 NA c
1999-Q4 NA c
2000-Q1 NA c
2000-Q2 NA c
2000-Q3 NA c
2000-Q4 NA c
2001-Q1 NA c
2001-Q2 NA c
2001-Q3 NA c
2001-Q4 NA c
2002-Q1 NA c
2002-Q2 NA c
2002-Q3 NA c
2002-Q4 NA c
2003-Q1 NA c
2003-Q2 NA c
2003-Q3 NA c
2003-Q4 NA c
2004-Q1 NA c
2004-Q2 NA c
2004-Q3 NA c
2004-Q4 NA c
2005-Q1 NA c
2005-Q2 NA c
2005-Q3 NA c
2005-Q4 NA c
2006-Q1 NA c
2006-Q2 NA c
2006-Q3 NA c
2006-Q4 NA c
2007-Q1 NA c
2007-Q2 NA c
2007-Q3 NA c
2007-Q4 NA c
2008-Q1 NA c
2008-Q2 NA c
2008-Q3 NA c
2008-Q4 NA c
2009-Q1 NA c
2009-Q2 NA c
2009-Q3 NA c
2009-Q4 NA c
2010-Q1 NA c
2010-Q2 NA c
2010-Q3 NA c
2010-Q4 NA c
2011-Q1 NA c
2011-Q2 NA c
2011-Q3 NA c
2011-Q4 NA c
2012-Q1 94935.8
2012-Q2 104230.5
2012-Q3 103244.1
2012-Q4 101864.8
2013-Q1 96221.9
2013-Q2 104243.3
2013-Q3 103459.5
2013-Q4 102789.9
2014-Q1 97373.9
2014-Q2 106767.8
2014-Q3 104858.7
2014-Q4 107156.1
2015-Q1 102394.4
2015-Q2 112622.4
2015-Q3 108053.6
2015-Q4 110173.6
2016-Q1 102720.9
2016-Q2 113818.5
2016-Q3 111223.9
2016-Q4 114010.3
2017-Q1 110034.6
2017-Q2 120183.9
2017-Q3 118638.5
2017-Q4 121946.4
2018-Q1 111123.6
2018-Q2 122225.5
2018-Q3 120478.9
2018-Q4 122897.2
2019-Q1 113911.8
2019-Q2 126678.9