Quarterly – Index of turnover - Domestic market – Mining and quarrying – Calendar adjusted data, not seasonally adjusted data – Index, 2010=100 – Denmark [Q.TOVD.B.CA.I10.DK]

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Turnover in industry, domestic market - quarterly data
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September 30, 2023 (10:14 AM)


Frequency [FREQ]
Quarterly [Q]
Business trend indicator [indic_bt]
Index of turnover - Domestic market [TOVD]
Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 2) [nace_r2]
Mining and quarrying [B]
Seasonal adjustment [s_adj]
Calendar adjusted data, not seasonally adjusted data [CA]
Unit of measure [unit]
Index, 2010=100 [I10]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]
Denmark [DK]
Period Value OBS_STATUS
2000-Q1 NA c
2000-Q2 NA c
2000-Q3 NA c
2000-Q4 NA c
2001-Q1 NA c
2001-Q2 NA c
2001-Q3 NA c
2001-Q4 NA c
2002-Q1 NA c
2002-Q2 NA c
2002-Q3 NA c
2002-Q4 NA c
2003-Q1 NA c
2003-Q2 NA c
2003-Q3 NA c
2003-Q4 NA c
2004-Q1 NA c
2004-Q2 NA c
2004-Q3 NA c
2004-Q4 NA c
2005-Q1 NA c
2005-Q2 NA c
2005-Q3 NA c
2005-Q4 NA c
2006-Q1 NA c
2006-Q2 NA c
2006-Q3 NA c
2006-Q4 NA c
2007-Q1 NA c
2007-Q2 NA c
2007-Q3 NA c
2007-Q4 NA c
2008-Q1 NA c
2008-Q2 NA c
2008-Q3 NA c
2008-Q4 NA c
2009-Q1 NA c
2009-Q2 NA c
2009-Q3 NA c
2009-Q4 NA c
2010-Q1 NA c
2010-Q2 NA c
2010-Q3 NA c
2010-Q4 NA c
2011-Q1 NA c
2011-Q2 NA c
2011-Q3 NA c
2011-Q4 NA c
2012-Q1 NA c
2012-Q2 NA c
2012-Q3 NA c
2012-Q4 NA c
2013-Q1 NA c
2013-Q2 NA c
2013-Q3 NA c
2013-Q4 NA c
2014-Q1 NA c
2014-Q2 NA c
2014-Q3 NA c
2014-Q4 NA c
2015-Q1 NA c
2015-Q2 NA c
2015-Q3 NA c
2015-Q4 NA c
2016-Q1 NA c
2016-Q2 NA c
2016-Q3 NA c
2016-Q4 NA c
2017-Q1 NA c
2017-Q2 NA c
2017-Q3 NA c
2017-Q4 NA c