Commercial Paper Outstandings [CP_OUTST]

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February 21, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [129] Monthly
  • [19] Weekly (Wednesday)
[CP_SA] Seasonal adjustment
  • [N] Not seasonally adjusted
  • [S] Seasonally adjusted
[CP_CAT] Category
  • [A] Asset-backed
  • [F] Financial
  • [FD] Financial domestic
  • [FDB] Financial domestic; foreign bank parent
  • [FDN] Financial domestic; foreign nonbank parent
  • [FDO] Financial domestic; other
  • [FDU] Financial domestic; U.S. owned
  • [FF] Financial foreign
  • [FFB] Financial foreign; bank or bank holding company
  • [FFO] Financial foreign; other
  • [FO] Financial other
  • [N] Nonfinancial
  • [ND] Nonfinancial domestic
  • [NF] Nonfinancial foreign
  • [NO] Nonfinancial other
  • [O] Other
  • [LA] Special category: Dealer placed asset-backed
  • [LF] Special category: Dealer placed financial
  • [LN] Special category: Dealer placed nonfinancial
  • [LO] Special category: Dealer placed other
  • [TA] Special category: Directly placed asset-backed
  • [TF] Special category: Directly placed financial
  • [TN] Special category: Directly placed nonfinancial
  • [TO] Special category: Directly placed other
  • [LC] Special category: L.O.C. (letter of credit)-backed
  • [T1] Special category: SEC rule 2a-7 tier-1
  • [T2] Special category: SEC rule 2a-7 tier-2
  • [T] Total
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