Primary Commodity Prices [COMMP]


Indices in terms of dollars or sdrs, indices of market prices for non-fuel commodities and petroleum, actual market prices for non-fuel commodities and petroleum, and average weekly prices for non-fuel commodities and petroleum.

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July 6, 2017
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Reference Area [REF_AREA]
Commodity [COMMODITY]

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  • Temporal Coverage: The data are annual, quarterly and monthly and go back to 1980.
  • Timeliness: Monthly data are updated on the Wednesday of the first full week of each month.
  • Geographic Coverage: Benchmark prices which are representative of the global market. They are determined by the largest exporter of a given commodity.
  • Methodology: Prices are period averages in nominal U.S. dollars.

    The current and the previous weights are provided in the comparison table on the website. The weights are calculated about every 5 years. The weights in the commodity basket reflect the structure of trade in 2002-2004 (previously it was 1995-1997). The choice of years reflects the desire of getting the most updated weights possible but still having sufficient data to improve accuracy. As part of the update, a thorough research into the basket of commodities was conducted to see whether the items included earlier are still representative in global commodities trade. The rule of thumb is that their share in total commodities trade has to be 3 percent or more of total commodities trade, in value terms. From this process, coconut oil was taken out and rapeseed oil was included in the new index. In recent years, the amount of coconut oil traded has decreased, while the trade of rapeseed has increased due to its use for canola oil and bio-diesel production.

    Also, commodity descriptions, sources and weights are available as part of the dataset.

    Price indices are based in 2005 (average of 2005 = 100). First individual commodity price indices are calculate in U.S. dollar and SDR terms, basing the price series in those currencies in 2005. Group indices are weighted averages of individual commodity price indices, with respective commodity weights derived from their relative trade values compared to the total world trade as reported in the UN Comtrade database.

  • Code: COMMP
Dimensions codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [M] Monthly
  • [Q] Quarterly
[REF_AREA] Reference Area
  • [W0] World (all areas, including reference area, including IO)
[COMMODITY] Commodity
  • [PRAWM_Index] Agr. Raw Material Index
  • [PALLFNF_Index] All index
  • [PALUM_USD] Aluminum
  • [POILAPSP_USD] APSP crude oil ($/bbl)
  • [POILAPSP_Index] APSP crude oil index
  • [PBANSOP_USD] Bananas
  • [PBARL_USD] Barley
  • [PBEEF_USD] Beef
  • [PBEVE_Index] Beverages index
  • [POILBRE_USD] Brent Crude
  • [PCOALAU_USD] Coal, Australia
  • [PCOCO_USD] Cocoa
  • [PCOFFOTM_USD] Coffee, Other Mild Arabica
  • [PCOFFROB_USD] Coffee, Robustas
  • [PCOPP_USD] Copper
  • [PMAIZMT_USD] Corn
  • [PCOTTIND_USD] Cotton
  • [POILDUB_USD] Dubai Crude
  • [PNRG_Index] Energy index
  • [PSALM_USD] Fish
  • [PFISH_USD] Fish Meal
  • [PFANDB_Index] Food and beverage index
  • [PFOOD_Index] Food index
  • [PGNUTS_USD] Groundnuts
  • [PLOGSK_USD] Hard Logs, Import Price Japan
  • [PSAWMAL_USD] Hard Sawnwood, Dark Red Meranti
  • [PHIDE_USD] Hides
  • [PINDU_Index] Industrial Materials index
  • [PIORECR_USD] Iron Ore
  • [PLAMB_USD] Lamb
  • [PLEAD_USD] Lead
  • [PMETA_Index] Metal index
  • [PNGASEU_USD] Natural gas, EU
  • [PNGASUS_USD] Natural Gas, US Henry Hub Gas
  • [PNICK_USD] Nickel
  • [PNFUEL_Index] Non-Fuel index
  • [POLVOIL_USD] Olive Oil
  • [PORANG_USD] Orange
  • [PPOIL_USD] Palm Oil
  • [PPOULT_USD] Poultry
  • [PROIL_USD] Rapeseed Oil
  • [PRICENPQ_USD] Rice, Thailand
  • [PRUBB_USD] Rubber
  • [PSHRI_USD] Shrimp
  • [PLOGORE_USD] Soft Logs
  • [PSAWORE_USD] Soft Sawnwood, Average of Softwoods,
  • [PSMEA_USD] Soybean Meal
  • [PSOYB_USD] Soybeans
  • [PSOIL_USD] Soybeans Oil
  • [PSUGAEEC_USD] Sugar, EU
  • [PSUGAISA_USD] Sugar, No. 11, World
  • [PSUGAUSA_USD] Sugar, No. 16, US
  • [PSUNO_USD] Sunflower Oil
  • [PPORK_USD] Swine
  • [PTEA_USD] Tea, Kenyan
  • [PTIN_USD] Tin
  • [PURAN_USD] Uranium
  • [PWHEAMT_USD] Wheat
  • [PWOOLC_USD] Wool, Coarse
  • [PWOOLF_USD] Wool, Fine
  • [PZINC_USD] Zinc
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