annual – 1964 and previous – 15 years and over – 15-19 years – 15 years and over – 20-24 years – Total – Total – Total – Total – Italy – number of granted divorces [A.1964_P.Y_GE15.Y15-19.Y_GE15.Y20-24.ITTOT.ITTOT.ITTOT.ITTOT.IT.NGD]

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Italian National Institute of Statistics
Divorces - Demographic characteristics
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June 15, 2019


Frequency [FREQ]
annual [A]
Year of marriage [ANNO_MATR1]
1964 and previous [1964_P]
Husband age class at divorce [AGE_MARDIV]
15 years and over [Y_GE15]
Husband age class at marriage [ETA_MARITO_MATRIM]
15-19 years [Y15-19]
Wife age class at divorce [AGEMOGDIV]
15 years and over [Y_GE15]
Wife age class at marriage [ETA_MOGLIE_MATRIM]
20-24 years [Y20-24]
Husband place of birth [TERR_NASCITA_MARITO]
Total [ITTOT]
Wife place of birth [TERR_NASCITA_MOGLIE]
Total [ITTOT]
Husband place of residence [TERR_RES_MARITO]
Total [ITTOT]
Wife place of residence [TERR_RES_MOGLIE]
Total [ITTOT]
Territory [ITTER107]
Italy [IT]
Data type [TIPO_DATO]
number of granted divorces [NGD]
Period Value