Imports – China – Quarterly percentage change, in terms of US dollars [M.china.quarterly-pct-USD]

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World Trade Organization
Monthly changes in export and import price of manufactured goods
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June 20, 2019


Flow [flow]
Imports [M]
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China [china]
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Quarterly percentage change, in terms of US dollars [quarterly-pct-USD]
Period Value
2005-Q1 NA
2005-Q2 -2.0800504255
2005-Q3 -3.6369488252
2005-Q4 0.5678022712
2006-Q1 1.9669960146
2006-Q2 -2.1007002334
2006-Q3 3.5422343324
2006-Q4 0.1973684211
2007-Q1 2.6560834128
2007-Q2 -3.5186154375
2007-Q3 7.4234354194
2007-Q4 2.4171056709
2008-Q1 2.0347594554
2008-Q2 4.0112817299
2008-Q3 1.6571256403
2008-Q4 -5.0088915234
2009-Q1 1.4516614665
2009-Q2 -1.3753773901
2009-Q3 0.4081632653
2009-Q4 5.8265582656
2010-Q1 3.143221831
2010-Q2 0.4343779088
2010-Q3 -0.7723200494
2010-Q4 1.400996264
2011-Q1 4.3013432607
2011-Q2 1.8078020932
2011-Q3 -0.062305296
2011-Q4 -1.4027431421
2012-Q1 2.3255875224
2012-Q2 -2.5239211655
2012-Q3 3.9010696117
2012-Q4 NA
2013-Q1 NA
2013-Q2 NA
2013-Q3 NA
2013-Q4 NA
2014-Q1 NA
2014-Q2 NA
2014-Q3 NA
2014-Q4 NA
2015-Q1 NA
2015-Q2 NA
2015-Q3 NA
2015-Q4 NA
2016-Q1 NA
2016-Q2 NA
2016-Q3 NA
2016-Q4 NA
2017-Q1 NA
2017-Q2 NA
2017-Q3 NA
2017-Q4 NA
2018-Q1 NA
2018-Q2 NA
2018-Q3 NA
2018-Q4 NA
2019-Q1 NA
2019-Q2 NA
2019-Q3 NA
2019-Q4 NA
2020-Q1 NA
2020-Q2 NA
2020-Q3 NA
2020-Q4 NA