Quarterly private sector payroll and workforce [ACOSS_STAT_QUARTERLY_PAYROLL_EMPLOYMENT]


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Dimensions codes and labels
[indicator] Indicator
  • [payroll_not_seasonally_adjusted] Payroll not seasonally adjusted
  • [payroll_seasonally_adjusted] Payroll seasonally adjusted
  • [workforce_not_seasonally_adjusted] Workforce not seasonally adjusted
  • [workforce_seasonally_adjusted] Workforce seasonally adjusted
[sector] Sector
  • [QA] Activities for human health
  • [TZ] Activities of households as employers and producers
  • [NZ] Administrative support activities
  • [RZ] Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • [ASSOC] Associations
  • [N29] Automotive industry
  • [BTP] Building and Public Works (french: BTP)
  • [N41] Building construction
  • [N56] Catering
  • [CE] Chemical industry
  • [N42] Civil engineering
  • [CB] Clothing, textile, leather
  • [CD] Coking, refining
  • [CONC_INSEE] Competitive Insee
  • [JC] Computer activities
  • [FZ] Construction
  • [PZ] Education
  • [BZ] Extractive industries
  • [KZ] Financial and insurance activities
  • [CA] Food industry
  • [CM] Furniture and machine repair industry
  • [INDUSTRIE] Industry
  • [Tert_March] Insee market tertiary sector (HI tertiary excluding OQ)
  • [MA] Legal, consulting and engineering activities
  • [N55] Lodging
  • [IZ] Lodging and catering
  • [CI] Manufacture of computer, electrical and optical products
  • [CK] Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • [N30] Manufacture of other transport equipment
  • [CL] Manufacture of transportation equipement
  • [CJ] Manufacturing of electrical equipment
  • [CH] Metallurgy
  • [OQ] Non-competitive sectors Insee (OQ)
  • [ISBLSM] Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH)
  • [MC] Other scientific and technical activities
  • [SZ] Other services' activities
  • [CF] Pharmaceutical industry
  • [CG] Plastic industry
  • [DZ] Production, distribution of electricity, gas, air conditioning
  • [OZ] Public Administration
  • [JA] Publishing and audiovisual
  • [LZ] Real estate activities
  • [MB] Research and Development
  • [N47] Retail trade
  • [QB] Social action, medico-social accommodation
  • [N43] Specialized construction works
  • [JB] Telecommunications
  • [INTERIM] Temporary work
  • [TERTIAIRE] Tertiary
  • [TERT_INTERIM] Tertiary excluding temporary work
  • [TOT] Total
  • [TOT_INTERIM] Total excluding temporary work
  • [GZ] Trade (inc. repair of cars and motorcycles)
  • [N45] Trade and repair of cars and motorcycles
  • [HZ] Transport and storage
  • [CAISSE_CONGES] Vacation fund
  • [EZ] Water production, distribution and sanitation
  • [N46] Wholesale trade
  • [CC] Wood and paper
[measurement] Measurement
  • [levels] Levels
[freq] Frequency
  • [Q] Quarterly
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