Quarterly financial accounts [CFT]

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May 27, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
[ACCOUNTING_ENTRY] Accounting entries
  • [A] Assets (Net Acquisition of)
  • [B] Balance (Credit minus debit)
  • [D] Debit (Uses)
  • [L] Liabilities (Net Incurrence of)
  • [N] Net (Assets minus Liabilities)
  • [NE] Net Liabilities (Liabilities minus Assets)
[ADJUSTMENT] Adjustment
  • [N] Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
  • [_Z] Not applicable
  • [S] Seasonally adjusted, not working day adjusted
  • [Y] Working day and seasonally adjusted
[CONSOLIDATION] Consolidation
  • [C] Consolidate
  • [N] Non-consolidated
[COUNTERPART_AREA] Counterpart area
  • [W2] Domestic (home or reference area)
  • [W0] World (all areas, including reference area, including IO)
[COUNTERPART_SECTOR] Counterpart sector
  • [S124] non MMF investment funds
  • [S1] Total economy
[CURRENCY_DENOM] Currency denominator
  • [_T] All currencies of denomination
[CUST_BREAKDOWN] Custom breakdown codification
  • [_T] Total
  • [_Z] Not applicable
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [Q] Quarterly
[INSTR_ASSET] Instrument and assets classification
  • [F401] Bank borrowings
  • [CRED] Bank loans
  • [F5222] Bond Fund Shares
  • [F2913] Building-savings accounts
  • [F2] Currency and deposits
  • [F2A] Currency and overnight deposits
  • [DETT] Debt
  • [F3] Debt securities
  • [F3T52] Debt securities and Investment fund shares
  • [F6263] droits nets des ménages sur les réserves techniques d`assurances-vie et fonds de pension
  • [F51] equity
  • [F5224] Equity Fund Shares
  • [PDFP] Equity products and non-unit-linked life insurance
  • [F29Z] Interest-bearing bank deposits
  • [F52] investment fund shares
  • [F62] life insurance and annuity entitlements
  • [F62B] Life insurance and annuity entitlements, of which non-unit-linked
  • [F62A] Life insurance and annuity entitlements, of which unit linked
  • [F6EUR] Life insurance and retirement savings with support in euros
  • [F511] listed shares
  • [GD] Maastricht debt
  • [PPFI] Main financial assets
  • [F521] Money Market Fund (MMF)shares/units
  • [F522] non-MMF investment fund shares/units
  • [_Z] Not applicable
  • [AFAS] Other financial assets and statistical adjustment
  • [F409] Others loans
  • [F29O] Others savings (F29O)
  • [F522A] Others savings (F522A)
  • [F2299] Overnight deposits
  • [PDTX] Rate products
  • [F5221] Real Estate Fund Shares
  • [F29R] Regulated savings
  • [F2911] Savings accounts
  • [F3T5] Securities and shares
  • [F81] Trade credits and advances
  • [F51M] unlisted shares and other equity
  • [EMPL] Uses (EMPL)
  • [RESS] Uses (RESS)
[MATURITY] Maturity
  • [T] All original maturities
  • [_Z] Not applicable
[PRICES] Prices
  • [V] Current prices
[REF_AREA] Reference area - ISO2
  • [I8] Euro area 19 (fixed composition)
  • [FR] France
  • [DE] Germany
  • [IT] Italy
  • [JP] Japan
  • [ES] Spain
  • [US] United States
  • [UK] United-Kingdom
[REF_SECTOR] Reference sector
  • [S13] General government
  • [S1M] Households and non profit institutions serving households (NPISH)
  • [S11] Non financial corporations
  • [S1V] Non-financial corporations, households and NPISH
[STO] Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows
  • [K5] Assets revaluation of Insurance corporations
  • [K] Changes in positions other than transactions
  • [LE] Closing balance sheet/Positions/Stocks
  • [F] flows of
  • [P51G] Gross fixed capital formation
  • [B9Z] Households and NPISHs financial saving rate
  • [B8G] Households and NPISHs saving rate
[TRANSFORMATION] Transformation
  • [S] Aggregation of seasonally adjusted data
  • [G1] Change, quarter on quarter, in %
  • [GO1] Contribution to change rate
  • [C4] Cumulated sum over 4 moving quarters
  • [D1] Differences, period on period, first order
  • [N] Non transformed data
  • [NO] Stocks corrected for valuation effects
[UNIT_MEASURE] Unit of measure
  • [XDC] Domestic currency (incl. conversion to current currency made using a fix parity)
  • [XDC_R_B1GQ_CY] Domestic currency (incl. conversion to current currency made using a fix parity); ratio to the annual moving sum of gross domestic product
  • [XDC_R_B6G_S1M] in % of household and NPISH gross disposable income
  • [PC] Percent (PC)
[VALUATION] Valuation
  • [F] Face value
  • [N] Nominal value
  • [S] Standard valuation based on ESA2010/SNA2008
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