Exchange Rates [EXR]

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Currency [CURRENCY]
Currency denominator [CURRENCY_DENOM]
Series variation - EXR context [EXR_SUFFIX]
Exchange rate type [EXR_TYPE]
Frequency [FREQ]

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Dimension codes and labels
[CURRENCY] Currency
  • [AUD] Australian dollar
  • [BGN] Bulgarian lev
  • [BRL] Brazilian real
  • [CAD] Canadian dollar
  • [CHF] Swiss franc
  • [CNY] Chinese yuan renminbi
  • [CYP] Cyprus pound
  • [CZK] Czech koruna
  • [DKK] Danish krone
  • [EEK] Estonian kroon
  • [EUR] Euro
  • [FRF] French franc
  • [GBP] UK pound sterling
  • [HKD] Hong Kong dollar
  • [HRK] Croatian kuna
  • [HUF] Hungarian forint
  • [IDR] Indonesian rupiah
  • [ILS] Israeli shekel
  • [INR] Indian rupee
  • [ISK] Iceland krona
  • [JPY] Japanese yen
  • [KRW] Korean won (Republic)
  • [LTL] Lithuanian litas
  • [LVL] Latvian lats
  • [MTL] Maltese lira
  • [MXN] Mexican peso
  • [MYR] Malaysian ringgit
  • [NOK] Norwegian krone
  • [NZD] New Zealand dollar
  • [PHP] Philippine peso
  • [PLN] Polish zloty
  • [RON] Romanian leu
  • [RUB] Rouble
  • [SEK] Swedish krona
  • [SGD] Singapore dollar
  • [SIT] Slovenian tolar
  • [SKK] Slovak koruna
  • [THB] Thai bhat
  • [TRY] Turkish lira
  • [USD] US dollar
  • [ZAR] South African Rand
[CURRENCY_DENOM] Currency denominator
  • [EUR] Euro
  • [I36] relative to 35 other industrialized countries
  • [XGO] Gold fine troy ounces
  • [Z32] Euro area-17 countries (BE, DE, EE, IE, GR, ES, FR, IT, CY, LU, MT, NL, AT, PT, SI, SK and FI)
[EXR_SUFFIX] Series variation - EXR context
  • [A] Average or standardised measure for given frequency
  • [E] End-of-period
  • [T] Percentage - change over 3 years
[EXR_TYPE] Exchange rate type
  • [ERC0] Real effective exch. rate CPI deflated
  • [SP00] Spot
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [D] Daily
  • [M] Monthly
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