Quarterly financial accounts of general government [QFAGG]

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October 12, 2019

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Dimensions codes and labels
[ACCOUNTING_ENTRY] Accounting entries
  • [A] Assets (Net Acquisition of)
  • [L] Liabilities (Net Incurrence of)
[ADJUSTMENT] Adjustment
  • [N] Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
[CONSOLIDATION] Consolidation
  • [C] Consolidate
  • [N] Non-consolidated
[COUNTERPART_AREA] Counterpart area
  • [W0] World (all areas, including reference area, including IO)
[COUNTERPART_SECTOR] Counterpart sector
  • [_Z] Not applicable
[CURRENCY_DENOM] Currency denominator
  • [_T] All currencies of denomination
[CUST_BREAKDOWN] Custom breakdown codification
  • [_T] Total
  • [_Z] Not applicable
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [Q] Quarterly
[INSTR_ASSET] Instrument and assets classification
  • [F21] currency
  • [F2] Currency and deposits
  • [F3] Debt securities
  • [F51] equity
  • [F5] Equity and investment fund shares/units
  • [F7] Financial derivatives and employee stock options
  • [F6] Insurance, pension and standardized guarantee schemes (F6)
  • [F52] investment fund shares
  • [F4] Loans
  • [F1] Monetary gold and SDRs
  • [F61] non-life insurance technical reserves
  • [F8] Other accounts receivable/payable
  • [F6M] pension entitlements and entitlements to non-pension benefits
  • [F66] Provisions for calls under standardized guarantees
  • [F] Total financial assets/liabilities
[MATURITY] Maturity
  • [T] All original maturities
  • [L] Long-term original maturity (over 1 year or no stated maturity)
  • [_Z] Not applicable
  • [S] Short-term original maturity (up to 1 year)
[PRICES] Prices
  • [V] Current prices
[REF_AREA] Reference area - ISO2
  • [FR] France
[REF_SECTOR] Reference sector
  • [S1311] central government excluding social security
  • [S13] General government
  • [S1313] Local government excluding social security
  • [S1314] social security funds
[STO] Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows
  • [LE] Closing balance sheet/Positions/Stocks
  • [F] flows of
[TRANSFORMATION] Transformation
  • [N] Non transformed data
[UNIT_MEASURE] Unit of measure
  • [XDC] Domestic currency (incl. conversion to current currency made using a fix parity)
[VALUATION] Valuation
  • [S] Standard valuation based on ESA2010/SNA2008
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