Table 5.6.3. Real Private Fixed Investment in Intellectual Property Products by Type, Quantity Indexes - LastRevised: September 29, 2023 [NIPA-T50603]

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Concept [concept]
Frequency [FREQ]
Metric [metric]
Unit [unit]

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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [aerospace-products-and-parts-manufacturing] Aerospace products and parts manufacturing
  • [all-other-nonmanufacturing] All other nonmanufacturing
  • [books] Books
  • [business] Business
  • [chemical-manufacturing-excluding-pharmaceutical-and-medicine] Chemical manufacturing, excluding pharmaceutical and medicine
  • [computer-systems-design-and-related-services] Computer systems design and related services
  • [custom] Custom
  • [entertainment-literary-and-artistic-originals] Entertainment, literary, and artistic originals
  • [financial-and-real-estate-services] Financial and real estate services
  • [long-lived-television-programs] Long-lived television programs
  • [manufacturing] Manufacturing
  • [motor-vehicles-bodies-and-trailers-and-parts-manufacturing] Motor vehicles, bodies and trailers, and parts manufacturing
  • [music] Music
  • [nonmanufacturing] Nonmanufacturing
  • [nonprofit-institutions-serving-households] Nonprofit institutions serving households
  • [other] Other
  • [other-computer-and-electronic-product-manufacturing] Other computer and electronic product manufacturing
  • [other-manufacturing] Other manufacturing
  • [other-nonmanufacturing] Other nonmanufacturing
  • [other-nonprofit-institutions] Other nonprofit institutions
  • [own-account] Own account
  • [pharmaceutical-and-medicine-manufacturing] Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  • [prepackaged] Prepackaged
  • [private-fixed-investment-in-intellectual-property-products] Private fixed investment in intellectual property products
  • [research-and-development] Research and development
  • [scientific-research-and-development-services] Scientific research and development services
  • [semiconductor-and-other-electronic-component-manufacturing] Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
  • [software] Software
  • [software-publishers] Software publishers
  • [theatrical-movies] Theatrical movies
  • [universities-and-colleges] Universities and colleges
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [fisher-quantity-index] Fisher quantity index
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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