Table 5.10. Changes in Net Stock of Produced Assets (Fixed Assets and Inventories) - LastRevised: September 30, 2022 [NIPA-T51000]

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Concept [concept]
Frequency [FREQ]
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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [abandoned-electric-plants] Abandoned electric plants
  • [brokers-commissions-on-sale-of-nonresidential-used-structures-and-dealers-margins-on-used-equipment] Brokers' commissions on sale of nonresidential used structures and dealers' margins on used equipment
  • [change-in-private-inventories] Change in private inventories
  • [electric-plants-put-in-place-less-electric-plants-put-in-use] Electric plants put in place less electric plants put in use
  • [equipment] Equipment
  • [fixed-assets] Fixed assets
  • [general-government] General government
  • [government] Government
  • [government-enterprises] Government enterprises
  • [government-fixed-assets] Government fixed assets
  • [gross-fixed-investment] Gross fixed investment
  • [intellectual-property-products] Intellectual property products
  • [intersectoral-auto-valuation-adjustment] Intersectoral auto valuation adjustment
  • [less-consumption-of-fixed-capital] Less: Consumption of fixed capital
  • [less-other-changes-in-volume-of-assets] Less: Other changes in volume of assets
  • [less-sale-of-equipment-scrap-excluding-autos] Less: Sale of equipment scrap, excluding autos
  • [less-stock-reconciliation-adjustments] Less: Stock reconciliation adjustments
  • [neutral-holding-gains-or-losses] Neutral holding gains or losses (-)
  • [nominal-holding-gains-or-losses] Nominal holding gains or losses (-)
  • [nonresidential] Nonresidential
  • [nonresidential-fixed-assets] Nonresidential fixed assets
  • [other] Other
  • [private] Private
  • [private-fixed-assets] Private fixed assets
  • [private-inventories] Private inventories
  • [produced-assets] Produced assets
  • [real-holding-gains-or-losses] Real holding gains or losses (-)
  • [residential] Residential
  • [residential-fixed-assets] Residential fixed assets
  • [structures] Structures
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-current-dollars] Millions of current Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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