Table 5.11. Capital Transfers Paid and Received, by Sector and by Type - LastRevised: September 29, 2023 [NIPA-T51100]

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Concept [concept]
Frequency [FREQ]
Metric [metric]
Unit [unit]

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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [by-government] By government
  • [by-government-8-35] By government (8-35)
  • [by-persons] By persons
  • [by-persons-18-44] By persons (18-44)
  • [by-private-business] By private business
  • [by-private-business-2-25] By private business (2-25)
  • [by-the-rest-of-the-world] By the rest of the world
  • [by-the-rest-of-the-world-21-47] By the rest of the world (21-47)
  • [capital-grants-to-state-and-local-governments] Capital grants to state and local governments
  • [capital-transfers-paid-by-private-business] Capital transfers paid by private business
  • [capital-transfers-paid-by-sector] Capital transfers paid, by sector
  • [capital-transfers-paid-to-the-rest-of-the-world-net] Capital transfers paid to the rest of the world (net)
  • [capital-transfers-received-by-sector] Capital transfers received, by sector
  • [corporate-business-3-6-26-29] Corporate business (3+6-26-29)
  • [disaster-related-insurance-benefits] Disaster-related insurance benefits
  • [estate-and-gift-taxes-federal] Estate and gift taxes, federal
  • [estate-and-gift-taxes-state-and-local] Estate and gift taxes, state and local
  • [federal] Federal
  • [federal-9-36] Federal (9-36)
  • [financial-corporations] Financial corporations
  • [financial-stabilization-payments] Financial stabilization payments
  • [noncorporate-business] Noncorporate business
  • [noncorporate-business-7-32] Noncorporate business (7-32)
  • [nonfinancial-corporations] Nonfinancial corporations
  • [other] Other
  • [other-capital-transfers-paid-to-business] Other capital transfers paid to business
  • [other-capital-transfers-paid-to-persons] Other capital transfers paid to persons
  • [state-and-local] State and local
  • [state-and-local-16-39] State and local (16-39)
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-current-dollars] Millions of current Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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