Table 6.11B. Employer Contributions for Employee Pension and Insurance Funds by Industry and by Type - LastRevised: July 30, 2021 [NIPA-T61100B]

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Concept [concept]
Frequency [FREQ]
Metric [metric]
Unit [unit]

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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [agriculture-forestry-and-fishing] Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
  • [benefits-paid-by-pension-and-insurance-funds] Benefits paid by pension and insurance funds
  • [communication] Communication
  • [construction] Construction
  • [durable-goods] Durable goods
  • [electric-gas-and-sanitary-services] Electric, gas, and sanitary services
  • [employer-contributions-for-employee-pension-and-insurance-funds] Employer contributions for employee pension and insurance funds
  • [federal] Federal
  • [finance-insurance-and-real-estate] Finance, insurance, and real estate
  • [government] Government
  • [government-employee-pension-plans] Government employee pension plans
  • [group-health-insurance] Group health insurance
  • [group-insurance] Group insurance
  • [group-life-insurance] Group life insurance
  • [manufacturing] Manufacturing
  • [mining] Mining
  • [nondurable-goods] Nondurable goods
  • [pension-plans] Pension plans
  • [private-industries] Private industries
  • [private-insurance-funds] Private insurance funds
  • [private-pension-plans] Private pension plans
  • [retail-trade] Retail trade
  • [services] Services
  • [state-and-local] State and local
  • [supplemental-unemployment] Supplemental unemployment
  • [transportation] Transportation
  • [transportation-and-public-utilities] Transportation and public utilities
  • [wholesale-trade] Wholesale trade
  • [workers-compensation] Workers' compensation
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-current-dollars] Millions of current Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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