Table 7.6. Capital Consumption Adjustment by Legal Form of Organization and Type of Adjustment - LastRevised: September 30, 2022 [NIPA-T70600]

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Concept [concept]
Frequency [FREQ]
Metric [metric]
Unit [unit]

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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [capital-consumption-adjustment] Capital consumption adjustment
  • [domestic-corporate-business] Domestic corporate business
  • [domestic-noncorporate-business] Domestic noncorporate business
  • [farm] Farm
  • [farm-tenant-occupied-housing] Farm tenant-occupied housing
  • [farms-owned-by-nonoperator-landlords] Farms owned by nonoperator landlords
  • [financial] Financial
  • [for-consistent-accounting-at-historical-cost] For consistent accounting at historical cost
  • [for-current-cost-valuation] For current-cost valuation
  • [nonfarm] Nonfarm
  • [nonfarm-nonresidential-properties] Nonfarm nonresidential properties
  • [nonfarm-tenant-occupied-housing] Nonfarm tenant-occupied housing
  • [nonfinancial] Nonfinancial
  • [other-private-business] Other private business
  • [proprietors-income] Proprietors' income
  • [rental-income-of-persons] Rental income of persons
  • [sole-proprietorships-and-partnerships] Sole proprietorships and partnerships
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-current-dollars] Millions of current Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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