Table 7.16. Relation of Corporate Profits, Taxes, and Dividends in the National Income and Product Accounts to Corresponding Measures as Published by the Internal Revenue Service - LastRevised: September 29, 2023 [NIPA-T71600]

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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [adjustment-for-misreporting-on-income-tax-returns] Adjustment for misreporting on income tax returns
  • [adjustment-to-depreciate-expenditures-for-intellectual-property-products] Adjustment to depreciate expenditures for intellectual property products
  • [adjustment-to-depreciate-expenditures-for-mining-exploration-shafts-and-wells] Adjustment to depreciate expenditures for mining exploration, shafts, and wells
  • [bad-debt-expense] Bad debt expense
  • [costs-of-trading-or-issuing-corporate-securities] Costs of trading or issuing corporate securities
  • [depletion-on-domestic-minerals] Depletion on domestic minerals
  • [disaster-adjustments-net] Disaster adjustments (net)
  • [dividends-paid-by-federal-reserve-banks-and-certain-federally-sponsored-credit-agencies] Dividends paid by Federal Reserve banks and certain federally sponsored credit agencies
  • [dividends-paid-in-cash-or-assets-irs] Dividends paid in cash or assets, IRS
  • [dividends-received-by-u-s-corporations] Dividends received by U.S. corporations
  • [dividends-received-from-domestic-corporations] Dividends received from domestic corporations
  • [earnings-of-u-s-residents-remitted-by-their-unincorporated-foreign-affiliates] Earnings of U.S. residents remitted by their unincorporated foreign affiliates
  • [earnings-remitted-to-foreign-residents-from-their-unincorporated-u-s-affiliates] Earnings remitted to foreign residents from their unincorporated U.S. affiliates
  • [equals-net-corporate-dividend-payments-nipas] Equals: Net corporate dividend payments, NIPAs
  • [equals-profits-before-taxes-nipas] Equals: Profits before taxes, NIPAs
  • [equals-taxes-on-corporate-income-nipas] Equals: Taxes on corporate income, NIPAs
  • [excess-of-employer-expenses-over-actual-employer-contributions-for-defined-benefit-employee-pension-plans] Excess of employer expenses over actual employer contributions for defined benefit employee pension plans
  • [federal-income-and-excess-profits-taxes-irs] Federal income and excess profits taxes, IRS
  • [federal-reserve-banks] Federal Reserve banks
  • [federally-sponsored-credit-agencies] Federally sponsored credit agencies
  • [gains-net-of-losses-from-sale-of-property] Gains, net of losses, from sale of property
  • [income-of-organizations-not-filing-corporation-income-tax-returns] Income of organizations not filing corporation income tax returns
  • [income-on-equities-in-foreign-corporations-and-branches-to-u-s-corporations] Income on equities in foreign corporations and branches (to U.S. corporations)
  • [interest-payments-of-regulated-investment-companies] Interest payments of regulated investment companies
  • [investment-tax-credit] Investment tax credit
  • [other] Other
  • [other-tax-credits] Other tax credits
  • [plus-income-received-from-equities-in-foreign-corporations-and-branches-by-all-u-s-residents-net-of-corresponding-payments] Plus: Income received from equities in foreign corporations and branches by all U.S. residents, net of corresponding payments
  • [posttabulation-amendments-and-revisions] Posttabulation amendments and revisions
  • [posttabulation-amendments-and-revisions-including-results-of-audit-and-renegotiation-and-carryback-refunds] Posttabulation amendments and revisions, including results of audit and renegotiation and carryback refunds
  • [profits-after-tax-nipas-21-29] Profits after tax, NIPAs (21-29)
  • [state-and-local-taxes-on-corporate-income] State and local taxes on corporate income
  • [taxes-paid-by-domestic-corporations-to-foreign-governments-on-income-earned-abroad] Taxes paid by domestic corporations to foreign governments on income earned abroad
  • [total-receipts-less-total-deductions-irs] Total receipts less total deductions, IRS
  • [u-s-receipts-of-dividends-from-abroad-net-of-payments-to-abroad] U.S. receipts of dividends from abroad, net of payments to abroad
  • [u-s-tax-credits-claimed-for-foreign-taxes-paid] U.S. tax credits claimed for foreign taxes paid
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-current-dollars] Millions of current Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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