Table 6U. Real BEA Retail and Food Service Sales - LastRevised: September 28, 2023 [NIUnderlyingDetail-U00600]

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Frequency [FREQ]
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Dimension codes and labels
[concept] Concept
  • [s1-building-material-and-garden-equipment-and-supplies-dealers] S1 Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers
  • [s1-clothing-and-clothing-accessories-stores] S1 Clothing and clothing accessories stores
  • [s1-department-stores] S1 Department stores
  • [s1-electronics-and-appliance-stores] S1 Electronics and appliance stores
  • [s1-food-and-beverage-stores] S1 Food and beverage stores
  • [s1-food-services-and-drinking-places] S1 Food services and drinking places
  • [s1-furniture-and-home-furnishings-stores] S1 Furniture and home furnishings stores
  • [s1-furniture-home-furnishings-electronics-and-appliance-stores] S1 Furniture, home furnishings, electronics and appliance stores
  • [s1-gasoline-stations] S1 Gasoline stations
  • [s1-general-merchandise-stores] S1 General merchandise stores
  • [s1-grocery-stores] S1 Grocery stores
  • [s1-health-and-personal-care-stores] S1 Health and personal care stores
  • [s1-miscellaneous-store-retailers] S1 Miscellaneous store retailers
  • [s1-motor-vehicle-and-parts-dealers] S1 Motor vehicle and parts dealers
  • [s1-nonstore-retailers] S1 Nonstore retailers
  • [s1-other-retail-stores] S1 Other retail stores
  • [s1-retail-and-food-services] S1 Retail and food services
  • [s1-retail-and-food-services-except-motor-vehicle-and-parts-dealers] S1 Retail and food services except motor vehicle and parts dealers
  • [s1-retail-trade] S1 Retail trade
  • [s1-retail-trade-except-motor-vehicle-and-parts-dealers] S1 Retail trade except motor vehicle and parts dealers
  • [s1-sporting-goods-hobby-musical-instrument-and-book-stores] S1 Sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument, and book stores
  • [s2-automotive-parts-accessories-and-tire-stores] S2 Automotive parts, accessories and tire stores
  • [s2-beer-wine-liquor-stores] S2 Beer, wine, liquor stores
  • [s2-building-material-and-supplies-dealers] S2 Building material and supplies dealers
  • [s2-clothing-stores] S2 Clothing stores
  • [s2-electronic-shopping-and-mail-order-houses] S2 Electronic shopping and mail-order houses
  • [s2-gafo-department-store-merchandise-stores] S2 GAFO-Department store merchandise stores
  • [s2-other-general-merchandise-stores] S2 Other general merchandise stores
  • [s2-shoe-stores] S2 Shoe stores
  • [s3-florists] S3 Florists
  • [s3-jewelry-luggage-and-leather-goods-stores] S3 Jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores
  • [s3-lawn-and-garden-equipment-and-supplies-stores] S3 Lawn and garden equipment and supplies stores
  • [s3-office-supplies-stationery-and-gift-stores] S3 Office supplies, stationery, and gift stores
  • [s3-specialty-food-stores] S3 Specialty food stores
  • [s4-automobile-dealers] S4 Automobile dealers
  • [s4-book-stores-and-news-dealers] S4 Book stores and news dealers
  • [s4-direct-selling-establishments] S4 Direct selling establishments
  • [s4-drinking-places-alcoholic-beverages] S4 Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)
  • [s4-full-service-restaurants] S4 Full-service restaurants
  • [s4-furniture-stores] S4 Furniture Stores
  • [s4-home-furnishings-stores] S4 Home furnishings stores
  • [s4-limited-service-eating-places] S4 Limited-service eating places
  • [s4-other-miscellaneous-store-retailers] S4 Other miscellaneous store retailers
  • [s4-other-motor-vehicle-dealers] S4 Other motor vehicle dealers
  • [s4-special-food-services] S4 Special food Services
  • [s4-sporting-goods-hobby-and-musical-instrument-stores] S4 Sporting goods, hobby, and musical instrument stores
  • [s4-used-merchandise-stores] S4 Used merchandise stores
  • [s4-vending-machine-operators] S4 Vending machine operators
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annually
  • [Q] Quarterly
[metric] Metric
  • [millions-of-chained-dollars] Millions of chained Dollars
[unit] Unit
  • [level] Level
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