Exchange-traded derivatives statistics [xtd]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Measure [OD_TYPE]
Risk category [OD_RISK_CAT]
Instrument [OD_INSTR]
Issue currency [ISSUE_CUR]
Location of trade (Exchange or country) [XD_EXCHANGE]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [M] Monthly
  • [Q] Quarterly
[OD_TYPE] Measure
  • [A] Outstanding - notional amounts
  • [U] Turnover - notional amounts (daily average)
[OD_RISK_CAT] Risk category
  • [B] Foreign exchange
  • [C] Interest rate
  • [I] Interest rate, short-term
  • [J] Interest rate, long-term
[OD_INSTR] Instrument
  • [A] All instruments
  • [H] Total options
  • [T] Total futures
[ISSUE_CUR] Issue currency
  • [AUD] Australian Dollar
  • [BRL] Brazilian Real
  • [CAD] Canadian Dollar
  • [CHF] Swiss Franc
  • [CNY] Renminbi
  • [DKK] Danish Krone
  • [EU1] Sum of ECU, Euro and legacy currencies now included in the Euro
  • [GBP] Pound Sterling
  • [HKD] Hong Kong Dollar
  • [HUF] Forint
  • [INR] Indian Rupee
  • [JPY] Yen
  • [KRW] Won
  • [MXN] Mexican Peso
  • [NOK] Norwegian Krone
  • [NZD] New Zealand Dollar
  • [PLN] Zloty
  • [RUB] Russian rouble
  • [SEK] Swedish Krona
  • [SGD] Singapore Dollar
  • [TO1] Total all currencies
  • [TRY] New Turkish Lira
  • [TWD] New Taiwan Dollar
  • [USD] US Dollar
  • [ZAR] Rand
[XD_EXCHANGE] Location of trade (Exchange or country)
  • [8A] All exchanges
  • [8B] North American exchanges
  • [8C] European exchanges
  • [8E] Asian/Pacific exchanges
  • [8F] Asian exchanges
  • [8G] Australia/New Zealand exchanges
  • [8K] Other exchanges
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