Import/Export Price Indexes [ei]

LABSTAT contains merchandise import and export index time series based on several classification systems and selected import and export services indexes. Full coverage of merchandise imports began in February 1983 and full coverage of merchandise exports began in 1984.

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Index [index]
Seasonal [seasonal]

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Dimension codes and labels
[index] Index
  • [CD] Locality of Destination Indexes
  • [CO] Locality of Origin Indexes
  • [CT] Terms of Trade Indexes
  • [IC] Services Inbound Indexes
  • [ID] Harmonized System Export Indexes
  • [IH] Services Export Indexes
  • [IP] Harmonized System Import Indexes
  • [IQ] BEA End Use Export Indexes
  • [IR] BEA End Use Import Indexes
  • [IS] Services Outbound Indexes
  • [IV] Services Import Indexes
  • [IY] NAICS Export Indexes
  • [IZ] NAICS Import Indexes
[seasonal] Seasonal
  • [U] Not Seasonally Adjusted
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