Quantity of Agricultural Output [AEA02]


All types of Livestock and Crops includes stock changes. Following reform of the EU sugar regime and the subsequent ending of sugar production in Ireland, the very small amount of sugar beet grown in 2006 was included in forage plants. The output of cattle, sheep and pigs includes estimates for cross-border trade in live animals. See Background Notes

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Statistic [STATISTIC]
State [C02196V02652]

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Dimension codes and labels
[STATISTIC] Statistic
  • [AEA02C01] Livestock - Cattle
  • [AEA02C02] Livestock - Pigs
  • [AEA02C03] Livestock - Sheep
  • [AEA02C04] Livestock - Poultry
  • [AEA02C05] Livestock Products - Milk
  • [AEA02C06] Livestock Products - Eggs
  • [AEA02C07] Crops - Barley
  • [AEA02C08] Crops - Wheat
  • [AEA02C09] Crops - Oats
  • [AEA02C10] Crops - Potatoes
  • [AEA02C11] Crops - Sugar Beet
  • [AEA02C12] Crops - Mushrooms
  • [AEA02C13] Crops - Turf
[C02196V02652] State
  • [-] State
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