Cattle Price (including VAT) by Type of Cattle, Month and Statistic [AJM01]

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March 13, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
[Type of Cattle] undefined
  • [B200] Bullocks 200-249kg
  • [B250] Bullocks 250-299kg
  • [B300] Bullocks 300-349kg
  • [B350] Bullocks 350-399kg
  • [B400] Bullocks 400-449kg
  • [B450] Bullocks 450-499kg
  • [B500] Bullocks 500-549kg
  • [BK550] Bullocks 550kg+
  • [H200] Heifers 200-249kg
  • [H250] Heifers 250-299kg
  • [H300] Heifers 300-349kg
  • [H350] Heifers 350-399kg
  • [H400] Heifers 400-449kg
  • [SCOW] Cows for slaughter
[Statistic] undefined
  • [AJM01C1] Cattle Price per Head (Euro)
  • [AJM01C2] Cattle Price per 100 Kg (Euro)
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