2002 Irish Travellers Aged 15 Years and Over by Employment Status and Labour Force Participation Rate by Sex, CensusYear and Statistic [B0809]


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Dimensions codes and labels
[Sex] null
  • [-] Both sexes
  • [1] Male
  • [2] Female
[Statistic] null
  • [B0809C1] Population aged 15 years and over (Number)
  • [B0809C2] Population in Labour force (Number)
  • [B0809C3] Employer or own account worker (Number)
  • [B0809C4] Employee (Number)
  • [B0809C5] Assisting relative (Number)
  • [B0809C6] Unemployed having lost or given up previous job (Number)
  • [B0809C7] Looking for first regular job (Number)
  • [B0809C8] Population not in labour force (Number)
  • [B0809C9] Labour force participation rate (%)
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