Population Usually Resident, Aged 15 years and Over in the Labour Force by Birthplace, Intermediate Occupational Group and CensusYear [C0809]

[Intermediate Occupational Group]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[Birthplace] null
  • [-] All countries
  • [IE03] Ireland - county of usual residence
  • [IE04] Ireland - county other than county of usual residence
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [PL] Poland
  • [US] United States
  • [XEXW] England and Wales
  • [XI] Northern Ireland
  • [XS] Scotland
  • [ZZAA02] Other Africa (2)
  • [ZZABB] Asia (2)
  • [ZZEUBP1] Other EU25 (5)
  • [ZZEURN] Other Europe (4)
  • [ZZWORX13] Other countries (13)
[Intermediate Occupational Group] null
  • [-] All occupations
  • [-01] Total in labour force
  • [A100] Farming, fishing and forestry workers
  • [B201] Electrical trades workers
  • [C300] Engineering and allied trades workers
  • [D400] Textile, clothing and leather workers
  • [E500] Food, drink and tobacco production workers
  • [F600] Chemical, paper, wood, rubber, plastics and printing workers
  • [G700] Other manufacturing workers
  • [H800] Building and construction workers
  • [I901] Managers and executives
  • [J1000] Clerical and office workers
  • [K1100] Central and local government workers
  • [L1200] Communication, warehouse and transport workers
  • [M1301] Sales occupations
  • [N1400] Business and commerce occupations
  • [O1501] Computer software occupations
  • [P1600] Scientific and technical occupations
  • [Q1700] Health and related workers
  • [R1800] Social workers and related occupations
  • [S1900] Religious occupations
  • [T2000] Other professional workers
  • [U2100] Teachers
  • [V2200] Personal service and childcare workers
  • [W2300] Garda Síochána
  • [X2400] Army occupations
  • [Y2500] Other gainful occupations (incl. not stated)
  • [Y2511] Looking for first regular job
[Statistic] null
  • [C0809C1] Population Usually Resident, Aged 15 years and Over in the Labour Force (Number)
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