Percentage of Irish Speakers of all Ages [C0901]


A new question on the ability to speak the Irish Language and frequency of speaking Irish was introduced in the 1996 Census of Population. The new version of the question marked a major departure from the version used in previous censuses. The version used in those years asked respondents to write 'Irish only', 'Irish and English', 'Read but cannot speak Irish' or to leave blank as appropriate. The version introduced in 1996 was retained unchanged for 2002. However, for the 2006 census while the formulation of the question dealing with ability to speak Irish remained unchanged the categories for frequency of speaking the language distinguished daily within and daily outside the education system. Non-respondents on ability to speak Irish (i.e. not stated), who were explicitly identified in the 1996 and subsequent censuses, are included in the category 'Non-irish speakers'

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Province [C02779V03348]
Statistic [STATISTIC]

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Dimension codes and labels
[C02779V03348] Province
  • [-] State
  • [A] Leinster
  • [B] Munster
  • [C] Connacht
  • [D] Ulster (part of)
[STATISTIC] Statistic
  • [C0901C1] Irish speakers
  • [C0901C2] Non-Irish speakers
  • [C0901C3] Irish speakers as a percentage of total
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