Persons in Private Households by Sex, Composition of Private Household, CensusYear and Statistic [CD217]

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[Composition of Private Household]
Dimension codes and labels
[Sex] null
  • [-] Both sexes
  • [1] Male
  • [2] Female
[Composition of Private Household] null
  • [A] Persons in private households
  • [B] Persons in family households
  • [C] Members of family units
  • [D] Persons enumerated as husbands and wives (or couples)
  • [E] Persons enumerated as lone parents
  • [F] Children (of any age) enumerated with both parents
  • [G] Children (of any age) enumerated with a lone parent
  • [H] Other persons in family households
  • [I] Persons in non-family households
  • [J] One-person households
  • [K] Members of multi-person households
[Statistic] null
  • [CD217C01] Persons of all ages (Number)
  • [CD217C02] Pre-school children (0-4 years) (Number)
  • [CD217C03] Primary school children (5-12 years) (Number)
  • [CD217C04] Teenagers (13-18 years) (Number)
  • [CD217C05] Young adults (19-24 years) (Number)
  • [CD217C06] Persons aged 25-34 years (Number)
  • [CD217C07] Persons aged 35-44 years (Number)
  • [CD217C08] Persons aged 45-54 years (Number)
  • [CD217C09] Persons aged 55-64 years (Thousand)
  • [CD217C10] Persons aged 65-74 years (Number)
  • [CD217C11] Persons aged 75 years and over (Number)
  • [CD217C12] Average age (Number)
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