Private Households in Permanent Housing Units by Aggregate Town or Rural Area, Nationality of Reference Person, Nature of Occupancy and CensusYear [CD443]

[Aggregate Town or Rural Area]
[Nationality of Reference Person]
[Nature of Occupancy]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[Aggregate Town or Rural Area] null
  • [-01] State
  • [01] Aggregate Rural Area
  • [06] Aggregate Town Area
[Nationality of Reference Person] null
  • [-] All nationalities
  • [ACC12X02] EU15 to EU27 states excluding Polish and Lithuanian
  • [EU15X02] EU15 excluding Irish and UK
  • [GB01] UK (1)
  • [IE] Irish
  • [IE05] Non-Irish
  • [LT] Lithuanian
  • [ON7] Other nationalities (7)
  • [PL] Polish
  • [ZZZ99] Not stated, including no nationality
[Nature of Occupancy] null
  • [-] All types of occupancy
  • [-1] Rented
  • [01] Owner occupied with loan or mortgage
  • [02] Owner occupied without loan or mortgage
  • [04] Rented from a Local Authority
  • [05] Rented from a Voluntary Body
  • [05A] Rented from private landlord
  • [08] Occupied free of rent
  • [09] Not stated
[Statistic] null
  • [CD443C1] Private Households in Permanent Housing Units (Number)
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