Family Units in Private Households by Position in Family Cycle by Composition of Private Household, CensusYear and Statistic [CD594]

[Composition of Private Household]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[Composition of Private Household] null
  • [-] All private households
  • [031] Husband and wife without children
  • [041] Cohabiting couple without children
  • [06] Husband and wife with children
  • [07] Cohabiting couple with children
  • [08] Lone mother with children
  • [09] Lone father with children
[Statistic] null
  • [CD594C1] Total Family Units (Number)
  • [CD594C2] Pre-family (Number)
  • [CD594C3] Empty nest (Number)
  • [CD594C4] Retired (Number)
  • [CD594C5] Pre-school (Number)
  • [CD594C6] Early school (Thousand)
  • [CD594C7] Pre-adolescent (Number)
  • [CD594C8] Adolescent (Number)
  • [CD594C9] Adult (Number)
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