Females Aged 15 - 44 Years by Whether or Not They Have Had Children [CD598]


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Principal Economic Status [C02704V03272]
Aggregate Town or Rural Area [C02701V03269]
Statistic [STATISTIC]

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Dimension codes and labels
[C02704V03272] Principal Economic Status
  • [-06] All persons
  • [501] Persons at work
  • [-02] All unemployed persons
  • [301] Student or pupil
  • [603] Other economic status
[C02701V03269] Aggregate Town or Rural Area
  • [-01] State
  • [06] Aggregate Town Area
  • [01] Aggregate Rural Area
[STATISTIC] Statistic
  • [CD598C1] Women who have had children
  • [CD598C2] Women who have not had children
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