Population Aged 15 Years and Over at Work, Usually Resident and Present in the State 2016 by County of Usual Residence, CensusYear and Statistic [E6036]

[County of Usual Residence]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[County of Usual Residence] null
  • [CC] Cork City
  • [CE] Clare
  • [CK] Cork County
  • [CN] Cavan
  • [CW] Carlow
  • [DC] Dublin City
  • [DL] Donegal
  • [DR] Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown
  • [FL] Fingal
  • [GC] Galway City
  • [GY] Galway County
  • [IE] State
  • [KE] Kildare
  • [KK] Kilkenny
  • [KY] Kerry
  • [LD] Longford
  • [LH] Louth
  • [LK] Limerick City and County
  • [LM] Leitrim
  • [LS] Laois
  • [MH] Meath
  • [MN] Monaghan
  • [MO] Mayo
  • [OY] Offaly
  • [RN] Roscommon
  • [SD] South Dublin
  • [SO] Sligo
  • [TY] Tipperary
  • [WD] Waterford City and County
  • [WH] Westmeath
  • [WW] Wicklow
  • [WX] Wexford
[Statistic] null
  • [E6036C01] Total residents with a fixed place of work (A) (Number)
  • [E6036C02] Persons working in the county of usual residence (B) (Number)
  • [E6036C03] Persons working outside the county of usual residence ( C ) (Number)
  • [E6036C04] Persons commuting into the county to work (D) (Number)
  • [E6036C05] Daytime working population (E=B+D) (Number)
  • [E6036C06] Net Gain/Loss in working population (E-A) (Number)
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