Households [HS083]


Data has been revised.All figures are mean values.See Appendix 1.

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Statistic [STATISTIC]
Region [C02196V02652]
Social protection supports [C03381V04065]

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Dimension codes and labels
[STATISTIC] Statistic
  • [HS083] Households
[C02196V02652] Region
  • [-] State
  • [IE11] Border
  • [IE12] Midland
  • [IE13] West
  • [IE21] Dublin
  • [IE22] Mid-East
  • [IE23] Mid-West
  • [IE24] South-East
  • [IE25] South-West
[C03381V04065] Social protection supports
  • [01] Benefit package
  • [02] Medical/GP visit card
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