Production Account [OVA01]


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Dimensions codes and labels
  • [OVA01] Production Account
[C02436V02945] null
  • [B1g] Gross domestic product (B.1*g)
  • [B1n] Net domestic product (B.1*n)
  • [D21] Taxes on products (D.21)
  • [D31] Subsidies on products (D.31)
  • [K1] Consumption of fixed capital (K.1)
  • [P1] Output (P.1)
  • [P11] Market output (P.11)
  • [P12] Output for own final use (P.12)
  • [P13] Other non-market output (P.13)
  • [P2] Intermediate consumption (P.2)
  • [X1] Total resources
  • [X2] Total uses
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