Vehicle Registrations [TDA01]


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Type of Fuel [C01841V02268]
Vehicle Category [C02584V03137]
Statistic [STATISTIC]

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Dimension codes and labels
[C01841V02268] Type of Fuel
  • [-] All fuel types
  • [1] Petrol
  • [2] Diesel
  • [3] Other fuel types
  • [4] Petrol and electric hybrid
  • [5] Ethanol and petrol
[C02584V03137] Vehicle Category
  • [-] All vehicle types
  • [A] Category A (cars and minibuses (< 12 permanent))
  • [B] Category B (car derived vans and jeep derived vans)
  • [C] Category C (commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors and minibuses (12 + permanent seats))
  • [D] Category D (ambulances, fire engines, vehicles used in the transportation of road construction machinery)
  • [E] Motor cycles
[STATISTIC] Statistic
  • [TDA01C1] All Vehicle Registrations
  • [TDA01C2] New Vehicle Registrations
  • [TDA01C3] Second Hand Vehicle Registrations
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