Vehicles Licensed for the First Time [TEM01]


Monthly data is provisional and subject to revision. See background notes Second-hand: The term 'second-hand vehicles' refers to imported used vehicles which are licensed for use in a public place, in this country, for the first time. As of February 2017, data has been reclassified for September to December 2016.

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Taxation Class [C02172V02618]

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Dimension codes and labels
  • [TEM01] Vehicles Licensed for the First Time
[C02172V02618] Taxation Class
  • [-] All Vehicles
  • [01] New Vehicles
  • [011] New Private Cars
  • [012] New Goods Vehicles
  • [013] New Tractors
  • [014] New Motor Cycles
  • [015] New Exempt Vehicles
  • [016] New public service vehicles, heavy agricultural and plant machinery and vehicles (NEC)
  • [02] Secondhand Vehicles
  • [021] Secondhand Private Cars
  • [022] Secondhand Goods Vehicles
  • [023] Secondhand Tractors
  • [024] Secondhand Other Vehicles
  • [025] Secondhand Motor Cycles
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