Value of Merchandise Imports by Main Use by Area of Origin, Month and Statistic [TSM07]

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November 21, 2020
[Area of Origin]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[Area of Origin] null
  • [-] All Countries
  • [003] Other EU Member States other than Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • [01] Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • [EU272020] European Union - 27 countries (from 2020)
[Statistic] null
  • [TSM07C01] Producer Capital Goods (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C02] Consumption Goods (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C03] Consumption Goods (Food, Drink and Tobacco) (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C04] Other Consumption Goods (other than Food, Drink and Tobacco) (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C05] Materials for Production (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C06] Materials for Agriculture Production (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C07] Materials for Production (Other than Agriculture) (Euro Thousand)
  • [TSM07C08] Not Classified (Euro Thousand)
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