Monthly report on manufacturing, Survey units, Wage earners, Salary earners, Persons employed, Hours worked, Gross wages, Gross salaries, Gross wages and salaries, Domestic turnover, Non-domestic turnover, Turnover, Turnover with euro-zone countries, Other non-domestic turnover, Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder, Local units / Local kind-of-activity units, WZ2003 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing, Year [42111BJ107]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder [DINSGF]
Local units / Local kind-of-activity units [BTRFT1]
WZ2003 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing [WZ03X3]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [1000] Thousands
  • [anzahl] Number
  • [tsd_eur] Thousands of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [ARBST1] Hours worked
  • [ERH001] Survey units
  • [ERW012] Persons employed
  • [ERW016] Wage earners
  • [ERW017] Salary earners
  • [UMS002] Turnover
  • [UMS036] Turnover with euro-zone countries
  • [UMS037] Other non-domestic turnover
  • [UMSN2] Domestic turnover
  • [UMSN3] Non-domestic turnover
  • [VST001] Gross wages
  • [VST002] Gross salaries
  • [VST003] Gross wages and salaries
[DINSGF] Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder
  • [DF] Former territory of the Federal Republic
  • [DN] New Länder
[BTRFT1] Local units / Local kind-of-activity units
  • [BETRIEBE] Local units
  • [BETRIEBSTEILE] Local kind-of-activity units
[WZ03X3] WZ2003 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing
  • [WZ-101] Mining and agglomeration of hard coal
  • [WZ-102] Mining and agglomeration of lignite
  • [WZ-103] Extraction and agglomeration of peat
  • [WZ-111] Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
  • [WZ-112] Serv.act. incid. to oil,gas extract., excl.survey.
  • [WZ-120] Mining of uranium and thorium ores
  • [WZ-131] Mining of iron ores
  • [WZ-132] Mining of non-ferr.metal ores, ex. uranium,thorium
  • [WZ-141] Quarrying of stone
  • [WZ-142] Quarrying of sand and clay
  • [WZ-143] Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals
  • [WZ-144] Production of salt
  • [WZ-145] Other mining and quarrying n.e.c.
  • [WZ-151] Prod.,processing,preserving of meat, meat products
  • [WZ-152] Processing, preserving of fish and fish products
  • [WZ-153] Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
  • [WZ-154] Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
  • [WZ-155] Manufacture of dairy products
  • [WZ-156] Manufacture of grain mill products, starches
  • [WZ-157] Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
  • [WZ-158] Manufacture of other food products
  • [WZ-159] Manufacture of beverages
  • [WZ-160] Manufacture of tobacco products
  • [WZ-171] Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
  • [WZ-172] Textile weaving
  • [WZ-173] Finishing of textiles
  • [WZ-174] Manuf. of made-up textile articles, except apparel
  • [WZ-175] Manufacture of other textiles
  • [WZ-176] Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics
  • [WZ-177] Manufacture of knitted and crocheted articles
  • [WZ-181] Manufacture of leather clothes
  • [WZ-182] Manuf. of other wearing apparel and accessories
  • [WZ-183] Dressing, dyeing of fur, manuf. of articles of fur
  • [WZ-191] Tanning and dressing of leather
  • [WZ-192] Manuf. of luggage, handbags, saddlery and harness
  • [WZ-193] Manufacture of footwear
  • [WZ-201] Sawmilling, planing of wood, impregnation of wood
  • [WZ-202] Manuf. of veneer sheets, plywood, laminboard etc.
  • [WZ-203] Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
  • [WZ-204] Manufacture of wooden containers
  • [WZ-205] Manuf. of other prod. of wood,articles of cork etc
  • [WZ-211] Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
  • [WZ-212] Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard
  • [WZ-221] Publishing
  • [WZ-222] Printing and service activities rel. to printing
  • [WZ-223] Reproduction of recorded media
  • [WZ-231] Manufacture of coke oven products
  • [WZ-232] Manufacture of refined petroleum products
  • [WZ-233] Processing of nuclear fuel
  • [WZ-241] Manufacture of basic chemicals
  • [WZ-242] Manuf. of pesticides and other agro-chemical prod.
  • [WZ-243] Manuf. of paints, varnishes, similar coatings etc.
  • [WZ-244] Manuf. of pharmaceuticals,medicinal chemicals etc.
  • [WZ-245] Manuf. of soap,detergents,cleaning prep.,perfumes
  • [WZ-246] Manufacture of other chemical products
  • [WZ-247] Manufacture of man-made fibres
  • [WZ-251] Manufacture of rubber products
  • [WZ-252] Manufacture of plastic products
  • [WZ-261] Manufacture of glass and glass products
  • [WZ-262] Manuf. of non-refractory ceramic goods etc.
  • [WZ-263] Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags
  • [WZ-264] Manuf. of bricks,tiles,constr. prod.,in baked clay
  • [WZ-265] Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
  • [WZ-266] Manuf. of articles of concrete, plaster and cement
  • [WZ-267] Cutting,shaping,finishing of ornam.,building stone
  • [WZ-268] Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • [WZ-271] Manuf. of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
  • [WZ-272] Manufacture of tubes
  • [WZ-273] Other first processing of iron and steel
  • [WZ-274] Manuf. of basic precious and non-ferrous metals
  • [WZ-275] Casting of metals
  • [WZ-281] Manufacture of structural metal products
  • [WZ-282] Manuf. of tanks,reservoirs,containers of metal etc
  • [WZ-283] Manuf. of steam generators, ex. hot water boilers
  • [WZ-284] Forging, pressing, stamping, roll forming of metal
  • [WZ-285] Treatment,coating of metals,mechanical engineering
  • [WZ-286] Manufacture of cutlery, tools and general hardware
  • [WZ-287] Manufacture of other fabricated metal products
  • [WZ-291] Manuf. of machinery for prod. of mechanical power
  • [WZ-292] Manufacture of other general purpose machinery
  • [WZ-293] Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
  • [WZ-294] Manufacture of machine tools
  • [WZ-295] Manufacture of other special purpose machinery
  • [WZ-296] Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
  • [WZ-297] Manufacture of domestic appliances n.e.c.
  • [WZ-300] Manufacture of office machinery and computers
  • [WZ-311] Manuf. of electric motors,generators,transformers
  • [WZ-312] Manuf. of electricity distribution a. control app.
  • [WZ-313] Manufacture of insulated wire and cable
  • [WZ-314] Manuf. of accumulators, primary cells a. batteries
  • [WZ-315] Manuf. of lighting equipment and electric lamps
  • [WZ-316] Manufacture of electrical equipment n.e.c.
  • [WZ-321] Manuf. of electronic valves and tubes a.o. comp.
  • [WZ-322] Manuf. of television and radio transmitters etc.
  • [WZ-323] Manuf. of television and radio receivers etc.
  • [WZ-331] Manuf. of medical,surgical equip., orthop. appl.
  • [WZ-332] Manuf. of instruments,appliances for measuring etc
  • [WZ-333] Manuf. of industrial process control equipment
  • [WZ-334] Manuf. of optical instruments, photographic equip.
  • [WZ-335] Manufacture of watches and clocks
  • [WZ-341] Manufacture of motor vehicles
  • [WZ-342] Manuf. of bodies(coachwork) for motor vehicles etc
  • [WZ-343] Manuf. of parts a. accessories for motor vehicles
  • [WZ-351] Building and repairing of ships and boats
  • [WZ-352] Manuf. of railway,tramway locomot., rolling stock
  • [WZ-353] Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
  • [WZ-354] Manufacture of motorcycles and bicycles
  • [WZ-355] Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c.
  • [WZ-361] Manufacture of furniture
  • [WZ-362] Manufacture of jewellery and related articles
  • [WZ-363] Manufacture of musical instruments
  • [WZ-364] Manufacture of sports goods
  • [WZ-365] Manufacture of games and toys
  • [WZ-366] Miscellaneous manufacturing n.e.c.
  • [WZ-371] Recycling of metal waste and scrap
  • [WZ-372] Recycling of non-metal waste and scrap
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