Indices of the stock of orders in manufacturing, Stock of orders: Value index, Stock of orders: Volume index, Germany, Original and adjusted data, Sales direction, WZ2008 (main groups, aggregates): Manufacturing, Months, Year [42155BM001]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Original and adjusted data [WERT03]
Sales direction [ABSAT1]
WZ2008 (main groups, aggregates): Manufacturing [WZ08Y1]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[unit] Unit
  • [2015_100] Index 2015 = 100
[ind] Indicator
  • [AUB101] Stock of orders: Value index
  • [AUB102] Stock of orders: Volume index
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[WERT03] Original and adjusted data
  • [WERTORG] Unadjusted values
  • [X13JDKSB] X13 JDemetra+ calendar and seasonally adjusted
[ABSAT1] Sales direction
  • [AUSLAND] Foreign countries
  • [INLAND] Domestic territory
  • [INSGESAMT] Total
[WZ08Y1] WZ2008 (main groups, aggregates): Manufacturing
  • [GUT-GEBR-01] Durable goods
  • [GUT-INVEST-01] Capital goods
  • [GUT-INVEST-02] Capital goods (except 29.10)
  • [GUT-INVEST-03] Capital goods (except 30.30)
  • [GUT-INVEST-04] Capital goods (except 29.10 and 30.30)
  • [GUT-INVEST-05] Capital goods (except 29)
  • [GUT-INVEST-06] Capital goods (except 30)
  • [GUT-INVEST-07] Capital goods (except 29 and 30)
  • [GUT-KONSUM-01] Consumer goods
  • [GUT-VERBR-01] Non-durable goods
  • [GUT-VORL-01] Intermediate goods
  • [GUT-VORL-02] Intermediate goods and capital goods
  • [WZ08-13-01] Textiles and textile products
  • [WZ08-20-02] Manufacture of chemical a. pharmaceutical products
  • [WZ08-24-01] Manuf. of basic metals a.fabricated metal products
  • [WZ08-26-01] Manufacture of computer and electrical equipment
  • [WZ08-29-01] Manufacture of transport equipment
  • [WZ08-30-01] Manuf. of other transport equipment, except 30.9
  • [WZ08-C] Manufacturing
  • [WZ08-C-01] Manufacturing (except 30)
  • [WZ08-C-02] Manufacturing (except 30.30)
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