Annual statistics of wholesale and retail trade, Enterprises, Local units, Persons employed, Turnover, Turnover per enterprise, Turnover per person employed, Input of goods, Gross capital formation, Disposal of tangible fixed assets, Gross yield ratio, Expenditure, Germany, WZ2008 (selected items): Trade, Turnover size classes, Year [45341BJ009]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
WZ2008 (selected items): Trade [WZ08H3]
Turnover size classes [UMSGK9]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [anzahl] Number
  • [mill_eur] Millions of euros
  • [prozent] Percent
  • [tsd_eur] Thousands of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [AUFW01] Expenditure
  • [ENH001] Local units
  • [ERT004] Gross yield ratio
  • [ERW012] Persons employed
  • [UMS002] Turnover
  • [UMS049] Turnover per enterprise
  • [UMS051] Turnover per person employed
  • [UNT003] Enterprises
  • [VGR012] Gross capital formation
  • [VKF001] Disposal of tangible fixed assets
  • [WAR003] Input of goods
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[WZ08H3] WZ2008 (selected items): Trade
  • [WZ08-45] Wholesale, retail trade, repair of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-45-01] Motor trade and retail trade
  • [WZ08-45-02] Sale and repair of motor vehicles, sale of fuel
  • [WZ08-45-03] Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-451] Sale of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-451-01] Sale of motor vehicles, parts and accessories
  • [WZ08-4511] Sale of cars and light motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-4511-01] Sale of cars,light motor vehicles, parts,accessor.
  • [WZ08-4519] Sale of other motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-452] Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-453] Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • [WZ08-4531] Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts, accessor.
  • [WZ08-4532] Retail trade of motor vehicle parts, accessories
  • [WZ08-454] Sale, maintenance,repair of motorcycles,
  • [WZ08-46] Wholesale trade, except motor vehicles,motorcycles
  • [WZ08-461] Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
  • [WZ08-462] Wholesale of agric. raw materials, live animals
  • [WZ08-462-01] Wholesale (without wholesaling on a fee)
  • [WZ08-462-02] Production-related trade
  • [WZ08-4621] Wholesale of grain, unmanuf. tobacco, seeds etc.
  • [WZ08-4622] Wholesale of flowers and plants
  • [WZ08-4623] Wholesale of live animals
  • [WZ08-4624] Wholesale of hides, skins and leather
  • [WZ08-463] Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
  • [WZ08-463-01] Consumption-related trade
  • [WZ08-4631] Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
  • [WZ08-4632] Wholesale of meat and meat products
  • [WZ08-4633] Wholesale of dairy products,eggs,edible oils,fats
  • [WZ08-4634] Wholesale of beverages
  • [WZ08-4635] Wholesale of tobacco products
  • [WZ08-4636] Wholesale of sugar, chocolate, sugar confectionery
  • [WZ08-4637] Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices
  • [WZ08-4638] Wholesale of other food,,crustaceans etc
  • [WZ08-4639] Non-specialised wholesale of food, bever., tobacco
  • [WZ08-464] Wholesale of household goods
  • [WZ08-4641] Wholesale of textiles
  • [WZ08-4642] Wholesale of clothing and footwear
  • [WZ08-4643] Wholesale of electrical household appliances
  • [WZ08-4644] Wholesale of china, glassware, cleaning materials
  • [WZ08-4645] Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
  • [WZ08-4646] Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
  • [WZ08-4647] Wholesale of furniture,carpets,lighting equipment
  • [WZ08-4648] Wholesale of watches and jewellery
  • [WZ08-4649] Wholesale of other household goods
  • [WZ08-465] Wholesale of information, communication equipment
  • [WZ08-4651] Wholesale of computers, equipment, software
  • [WZ08-4652] Wholesale of electronic and telecom. equipment
  • [WZ08-466] Wholesale of other machinery, equipment, supplies
  • [WZ08-4661] Wholesale of agric. machinery, equipment, supplies
  • [WZ08-4662] Wholesale of machine tools
  • [WZ08-4663] Wholesale of mining,constr.,civil engin.machinery
  • [WZ08-4664] Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry
  • [WZ08-4665] Wholesale of office furniture
  • [WZ08-4666] Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment
  • [WZ08-4669] Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
  • [WZ08-467] Other specialised wholesale
  • [WZ08-4671] Wholesale of solid,liquid,gaseous fuels,
  • [WZ08-4672] Wholesale of metals and metal ores
  • [WZ08-4673] Wholesale of wood,constr.materials,sanitary equip.
  • [WZ08-4674] Wholesale of hardware,plumbing,heating equip.,sup.
  • [WZ08-4675] Wholesale of chemical products
  • [WZ08-4676] Wholesale of other intermediate products
  • [WZ08-4677] Wholesale of waste and scrap
  • [WZ08-469] Non-specialised wholesale trade
  • [WZ08-47] Retail trade, except motor vehicles a. motorcycles
  • [WZ08-47-02] Retail trade, except motor trade and sale of fuel
  • [WZ08-471] Retail sale in non-specialised stores
  • [WZ08-471-01] Retail trade in-store
  • [WZ08-471-02] Retail trade in the traditional sense
  • [WZ08-471-03] Retail trade in its more narrow definition
  • [WZ08-471-04] Retail trade, except retail sale of fuels
  • [WZ08-4711] Retail sale in non-spec. stores with food etc.
  • [WZ08-4711-01] Retail sale of food, except retail sale via stalls
  • [WZ08-4711-02] Retail sale of food
  • [WZ08-4719] Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
  • [WZ08-4719-01] Retail sale of non-food (incl. markets of food)
  • [WZ08-4719-02] Retail sale of non-food
  • [WZ08-472] Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco
  • [WZ08-4721] Retail sale of fruit and vegetables
  • [WZ08-4722] Retail sale of meat and meat products
  • [WZ08-4723] Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
  • [WZ08-4724] Retail sale of bread,cakes,flour a. sugar confect.
  • [WZ08-4725] Retail sale of beverages
  • [WZ08-4726] Retail sale of tobacco products
  • [WZ08-4729] Other retail sale of food
  • [WZ08-473] Retail sale of automotive fuel
  • [WZ08-474] Retail sale of information a. communication equip.
  • [WZ08-474-01] Retail sale of furniture, HiFi and IT
  • [WZ08-4741] Retail sale of computers,peripheral units,software
  • [WZ08-4741-01] Retail sale of books and stationery
  • [WZ08-4742] Retail sale of telecommunications equipment
  • [WZ08-4743] Retail sale of audio and video equipment
  • [WZ08-4743-01] Retail sale of furnishings, household equip. etc.
  • [WZ08-475] Retail sale of other household equipment
  • [WZ08-4751] Retail sale of textiles
  • [WZ08-4751-01] Retail sale of textiles, clothing and footwear
  • [WZ08-4751-02] Retail sale of textiles,clothing,footwear,leather
  • [WZ08-4752] Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass
  • [WZ08-4752-01] Retail sale of furniture,furnishings,hh.equip.etc.
  • [WZ08-4753] Retail sale of carpets, rugs, wall a. floor cover.
  • [WZ08-4754] Retail sale of electrical household appliances
  • [WZ08-4759] Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment etc.
  • [WZ08-476] Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods
  • [WZ08-4761] Retail sale of books
  • [WZ08-4762] Retail sale of newspapers and stationery
  • [WZ08-4763] Retail sale of music and video recordings
  • [WZ08-4764] Retail sale of sporting equipment
  • [WZ08-4765] Retail sale of games and toys
  • [WZ08-477] Retail sale of other goods
  • [WZ08-4771] Retail sale of clothing
  • [WZ08-4772] Retail sale of footwear and leather goods
  • [WZ08-4773] Dispensing chemist
  • [WZ08-4773-01] Dispensing chemist,retail sale of medic. goods etc
  • [WZ08-4774] Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods
  • [WZ08-4775] Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles
  • [WZ08-4776] Retail sale of flowers,plants,seeds,fertil.,anim.
  • [WZ08-4777] Retail sale of watches and jewellery
  • [WZ08-4778] Other retail sale of new goods
  • [WZ08-4779] Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
  • [WZ08-478] Retail sale via stalls and markets
  • [WZ08-4781] Retail sale via stalls, markets of food,bev.,tob.
  • [WZ08-4782] Retail sale v.stalls,markets of text.,cloth.,foot.
  • [WZ08-4789] Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods
  • [WZ08-479] Retail trade not in stores, stalls or markets
  • [WZ08-4791] Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet
  • [WZ08-4799] Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets
[UMSGK9] Turnover size classes
  • [UMSB0000B0010] Less than EUR 1,000,000
  • [UMSB0010B0020] EUR 1,000,000 to less than EUR 2,000,000
  • [UMSB0020B0050] EUR 2,000,000 to less than EUR 5,000,000
  • [UMSB0050B0100] EUR 5,000,000 to less than EUR 10,000,000
  • [UMSB0100UM] EUR 10,000,000 or more
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