Consumer price index for Germany, Weighting, Germany, Individual consumption by purpose, 4-digit codes, Year [61111B5003]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Individual consumption by purpose, 4-digit codes [CC13A4]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [promille] Permil
[ind] Indicator
  • [PRE999] Weighting
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[CC13A4] Individual consumption by purpose, 4-digit codes
  • [CC13-0111] Bread and cereals
  • [CC13-0112] Meat and meat products
  • [CC13-0113] Fish, fish products and seafood
  • [CC13-0114] Dairy products and eggs
  • [CC13-0115] Edible fats and oils
  • [CC13-0116] Fruit
  • [CC13-0117] Vegetables
  • [CC13-0118] Sugar, jam, honey and other confectionery
  • [CC13-0119] Food products n.e.c.
  • [CC13-0121] Coffee, tea and cocoa
  • [CC13-0122] Mineral water, soft drinks and juices
  • [CC13-0211] Spirits
  • [CC13-0212] Wine
  • [CC13-0213] Beer
  • [CC13-0220] Tobacco
  • [CC13-0311] Clothing materials
  • [CC13-0312] Garments
  • [CC13-0313] Other articles of clothing a. clothing accessories
  • [CC13-0314] Dry cleaning, other services relating to clothing
  • [CC13-0321] Shoes and other footwear
  • [CC13-0322] Repair of footwear
  • [CC13-0411] Net rent
  • [CC13-0412] Other rentals
  • [CC13-0431] Materials f. maintenance a. repair of the dwelling
  • [CC13-0432] Services for maintenance a. repair of the dwelling
  • [CC13-0441] Water supply
  • [CC13-0442] Refuse collection
  • [CC13-0443] Sewage disposal
  • [CC13-0444] Other services relating to the dwelling n.e.c.
  • [CC13-0451] Electricity
  • [CC13-0452] Gas, including share in the costs
  • [CC13-0453] Heating oil, including share in the costs
  • [CC13-0454] Solid fuels
  • [CC13-0455] District heating and others
  • [CC13-0511] Furniture and lighting equipment
  • [CC13-0512] Carpets and other elastic floor coverings
  • [CC13-0513] Repair of furniture, lighting equip., floor cover.
  • [CC13-0520] Household textiles
  • [CC13-0531] Major household appliances whether electric or not
  • [CC13-0532] Small electric household appliances
  • [CC13-0533] Repair of household appliances
  • [CC13-0540] Glassware, tableware, other semi-durables,durables
  • [CC13-0551] Motor-driven tools or the like for house/garden
  • [CC13-0552] Gardening tools,equip.,other semi-durables,durabl.
  • [CC13-0561] Non-durable goods for housekeeping
  • [CC13-0562] Domestic services and other household services
  • [CC13-0611] Pharmaceutical products
  • [CC13-0612] Other medical products
  • [CC13-0613] Therapeutic appliances and equipment
  • [CC13-0621] Medical services
  • [CC13-0622] Dental services
  • [CC13-0623] Paramedical services
  • [CC13-0630] Hospital services
  • [CC13-0711] Passenger cars (excluding campers)
  • [CC13-0712] Motorcycles
  • [CC13-0713] Bicycles
  • [CC13-0721] Spare parts and accessories for vehicles
  • [CC13-0722] Fuels and lubricants for vehicles
  • [CC13-0723] Maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • [CC13-0724] Other services for vehicles
  • [CC13-0731] Passenger transport by railway
  • [CC13-0732] Passenger transport by road
  • [CC13-0733] Passenger transport by air
  • [CC13-0734] Passenger transport by waterway
  • [CC13-0735] Combined passenger transport services
  • [CC13-0736] Other purchased transport services
  • [CC13-0810] Postal and parcel services
  • [CC13-0820] Telephones and other communication devices
  • [CC13-0830] Telecommunication services
  • [CC13-0911] Radio and television sets and the like
  • [CC13-0912] Photographic a. cinematogr. equip., optical instr.
  • [CC13-0913] Information processing equipment
  • [CC13-0914] Sound, picture and other data storage media
  • [CC13-0915] Repair of audio-,photo-,inf. proc. equip.
  • [CC13-0921] Durable consumer goods for outdoor recreation
  • [CC13-0922] Durable consumer goods for indoor recreation
  • [CC13-0923] Repair of durables for recreation and culture
  • [CC13-0931] Games, toys and hobby goods
  • [CC13-0932] Goods and services for sport, camping, recreation
  • [CC13-0933] Garden products, plants and flowers
  • [CC13-0934] Pets, including semi-durables and non-durables
  • [CC13-0935] Veterinary and other services for pets
  • [CC13-0941] Sporting and recreational services
  • [CC13-0942] Cultural services
  • [CC13-0943] Games of chance
  • [CC13-0951] Books
  • [CC13-0952] Newspapers and periodicals
  • [CC13-0953] Miscellaneous printed matter
  • [CC13-0954] Stationery and drawing materials
  • [CC13-0960] Package holidays
  • [CC13-1010] Services of pre-primary and primary education
  • [CC13-1020] Services of secondary education
  • [CC13-1040] Services of tertiary education
  • [CC13-1050] Education services not definable by level
  • [CC13-1111] Restaurants, cafes, street sale and the like
  • [CC13-1112] Services in canteens
  • [CC13-1120] Accommodation
  • [CC13-1211] Hairdressing services, other serv. for pers. care
  • [CC13-1212] Electrical appliances for personal care
  • [CC13-1213] Other articles and products for personal care
  • [CC13-1231] Jewellery, clocks and watches
  • [CC13-1232] Other personal effects
  • [CC13-1240] Social protection services
  • [CC13-1252] Insurance services connected with the dwelling
  • [CC13-1253] Insurance services connected with health
  • [CC13-1254] Insurance services connected with transport
  • [CC13-1255] Other insurance services
  • [CC13-1262] Other financial services n.e.c.
  • [CC13-1270] Other services n.e.c.
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