Consumer price index for Germany, Consumer price index, Germany, Individual consumption by purpose, special items, Months, Year [61111BM006]

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Germany [DINSG]
Individual consumption by purpose, special items [CC13B1]
Indicator [ind]

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Dimension codes and labels
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[CC13B1] Individual consumption by purpose, special items
  • [CC13-06] Health
  • [CC13-061] Medical products, appliances and equipment
  • [CC13-061A] Medical products,appl.,equip., statutorily insured
  • [CC13-061B] Medical products,appl.,equip., privately insured
  • [CC13-061C] Other medical products, appliances and equipment
  • [CC13-062] Outpatient services
  • [CC13-062A] Outpatient services, statutorily insured
  • [CC13-062B] Outpatient services, privately insured
  • [CC13-062C] Other outpatient services
  • [CC13-063] Hospital services
  • [CC13-063A] Hospital services, statutorily insured
  • [CC13-063B] Hospital services, privately insured
  • [CC13-071A] Train journey, short-distance
  • [CC13-071B] Train journey, long-distance
  • [CC13-071C] Train journey, general traffic
  • [CC13-071D] Train journey, job or school ticket
  • [CC13-073A] Flight ticket, business
  • [CC13-073B] Flight ticket, economy
  • [CC13-073C] Flight ticket, European foreign countries
  • [CC13-073D] Flight ticket, intercontinental
  • [CC13-073E] Flight ticket, intercontinental, business
  • [CC13-073F] Flight ticket, intercontinental, economy
  • [CC13-073G] Flight ticket, Africa
  • [CC13-073H] Flight ticket, America
  • [CC13-073I] Flight ticket, America, business
  • [CC13-073J] Flight ticket, America, economy
  • [CC13-073K] Flight ticket, North America
  • [CC13-073L] Flight ticket, Central America
  • [CC13-073M] Flight ticket, South America
  • [CC13-073N] Flight ticket, Asia / Australia
  • [CC13-124A] Social protection services
  • [CC13-124B] Residential care services
  • [CC13-124C] Residential care services, statutorily insured
  • [CC13-124D] Residential care services, privately insured
  • [CC13-124E] Non-residential care services
  • [CC13-124F] Non-residential care services, statutorily insured
  • [CC13-124G] Non-residential care services, privately insured
  • [CC13-124H] Expense for retirem., sheltered housing f. elderly
  • [CC13-124I] Meals on wheels
  • [CC13-63E] Overall index, excluding food and energy
  • [CC13-63F] Fresh or chilled fish and seafood
  • [CC13-63G] Frozen fish and seafood
  • [CC13-63H] Dairy products
  • [CC13-63I] Dairy products and butter
  • [CC13-63J] Milk
  • [CC13-63K] Fresh vegetables, including potatoes
  • [CC13-64] Overall index, excluding heating oil and fuels
  • [CC13-65] Heating oil and fuels
  • [CC13-65A] Overall index, excluding household energy
  • [CC13-65B] Household energy (electricity, gas, other fuels)
  • [CC13-65C] Overall index, excluding energy
  • [CC13-65D] Energy (household energy and fuels)
  • [CC13-66] Goods
  • [CC13-67] Non-durable consumer goods
  • [CC13-67A] Consumer durables
  • [CC13-68] Short-lived consumer goods
  • [CC13-69] Durable consumer goods
  • [CC13-70] Services
  • [CC13-70A] Services, excluding net rent
  • [CC13-71] Overall index,excl. net rent,add.costs excl.hh.en.
  • [CC13-72] Net rent, additional costs excl. household energy
  • [CC13-73] Net rent
  • [CC13-76] Additional costs, excluding household energy
  • [CC13-77] Heat price index (district heating, incl. costs)
  • [CC13-80] Motorist price index
  • [CC13-801] Motor cars
  • [CC13-801A] New cars, including campers
  • [CC13-801B] Used cars
  • [CC13-802] Motorcycles, excluding E-bike or pedelec
  • [CC13-802A] Bicycles, including E-bike or pedelec
  • [CC13-803] Fuels
  • [CC13-803B] Supergrade petrol
  • [CC13-803C] Diesel fuel
  • [CC13-803D] Liquefied petroleum gas
  • [CC13-804] Spare parts, accessories, car polish
  • [CC13-805] Repair, servicing, parking fee and the like
  • [CC13-806] Rent for garage and parking space
  • [CC13-807] Driving school and driving licence fee
  • [CC13-808] Motor vehicle insurance
  • [CC13-809] Motor vehicle tax
  • [CC13-99A] Goods, excl. food a.goods not stored in a dwelling
[ind] Indicator
  • [PREIS1] Consumer price index
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