Average prices of electricity and natural gas, Electricity prices for non-household customers, Germany, Price components, Year [61243BJ002]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Price components [PREKO1]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [eur_kwh] Euros per kilowatt hour
[ind] Indicator
  • [PRE061] Electricity prices for non-household customers
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[PREKO1] Price components
  • [ENR-VTB] Energy and supply
  • [KOS-NETZ] Network costs
  • [STR-ABG-UML] Taxes, fees, levies and charges
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