Agriculture, total - Agricultural workers - Male - New Länder - Gross hourly earnings [LANDWIRT01.ARBGRLAND02.GESM.DN.VST007]

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Frequency [freq]
Quarterly [Q]
Unit [unit]
Euros [eur]
Indicator [ind]
Gross hourly earnings [VST007]
Selected agricultural branches [LAND01]
Agriculture, total [LANDWIRT01]
Groups of farm labour [ARBGR2]
Agricultural workers [ARBGRLAND02]
Sex [GES]
Male [GESM]
Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder [DINSGF]
New Länder [DN]
Period Value
1996-Q3 6.68
1997-Q3 6.94
1998-Q3 7.13
1999-Q3 7.17
2000-Q3 7.15
2001-Q3 7.4
2002-Q3 7.16
2003-Q3 7.1
2004-Q3 7.46
2005-Q3 7.33
2006-Q3 7.53