Labour cost survey, Labour costs per full-time equivalent, WZ2008 (selected items): Labour cost survey, Enterprise size classes, Types of labour costs, Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder, Year [62411B4105]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
WZ2008 (selected items): Labour cost survey [WZ08D3]
Enterprise size classes [UGKL01]
Types of labour costs [AKEA01]
Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder [DINSGF]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [eur] Euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [AKO001] Labour costs per full-time equivalent
[WZ08D3] WZ2008 (selected items): Labour cost survey
  • [WZ08-05] Mining of coal and lignite
  • [WZ08-06] Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
  • [WZ08-07] Mining of metal ores
  • [WZ08-08] Other mining and quarrying
  • [WZ08-09] Mining support service activities
  • [WZ08-10] Manufacture of food products
  • [WZ08-11] Manufacture of beverages
  • [WZ08-12] Manufacture of tobacco products
  • [WZ08-13] Manufacture of textiles
  • [WZ08-14] Manufacture of wearing apparel
  • [WZ08-15] Manufacture of leather and related products
  • [WZ08-16] Manuf. of wood, products of wood and cork etc.
  • [WZ08-17] Manufacture of paper and paper products
  • [WZ08-18] Printing and reproduction of recorded media
  • [WZ08-19] Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
  • [WZ08-20] Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
  • [WZ08-21] Manuf. of basic pharmaceutical products and prep.
  • [WZ08-22] Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • [WZ08-23] Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • [WZ08-24] Manufacture of basic metals
  • [WZ08-25] Manuf. of fabricated metal products, ex. machinery
  • [WZ08-26] Manuf. of computer,electronic and optical products
  • [WZ08-27] Manufacture of electrical equipment
  • [WZ08-28] Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
  • [WZ08-29] Manuf. of motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers
  • [WZ08-30] Manufacture of other transport equipment
  • [WZ08-31] Manufacture of furniture
  • [WZ08-32] Other manufacturing
  • [WZ08-33] Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
  • [WZ08-35] Electricity, gas, steam, air conditioning supply
  • [WZ08-36] Water collection, treatment and supply
  • [WZ08-37] Sewerage
  • [WZ08-38] Waste collection,treatment,disposal activities etc
  • [WZ08-39] Remediation activities, waste management services
  • [WZ08-41] Construction of buildings
  • [WZ08-42] Civil engineering
  • [WZ08-43] Specialised construction activities
  • [WZ08-45] Wholesale, retail trade, repair of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-46] Wholesale trade, except motor vehicles,motorcycles
  • [WZ08-47] Retail trade, except motor vehicles a. motorcycles
  • [WZ08-49] Land transport and transport via pipelines
  • [WZ08-50] Water transport
  • [WZ08-51] Air transport
  • [WZ08-52] Warehousing and support activities for transport.
  • [WZ08-53] Postal and courier activities
  • [WZ08-55] Accommodation
  • [WZ08-56] Food and beverage service activities
  • [WZ08-58] Publishing activities
  • [WZ08-59] Motion picture, video,television progr. prod. etc.
  • [WZ08-60] Programming and broadcasting activities
  • [WZ08-61] Telecommunications
  • [WZ08-62] Computer programming, consultancy, rel. activities
  • [WZ08-63] Information service activities
  • [WZ08-64] Financial service act.,,pension fund.
  • [WZ08-65] Insurance, reinsurance, pension funding
  • [WZ08-66] Act. auxiliary to financial services, insurance
  • [WZ08-68] Real estate activities
  • [WZ08-69] Legal and accounting activities
  • [WZ08-70] Activities of head offices, management consultancy
  • [WZ08-71] Architectural and engineering act.,technical test.
  • [WZ08-72] Scientific research and development
  • [WZ08-73] Advertising and market research
  • [WZ08-74] Other professional,scientific,technical activities
  • [WZ08-75] Veterinary activities
  • [WZ08-77] Rental and leasing activities
  • [WZ08-78] Employment activities
  • [WZ08-79] Travel agency, tour operator,other reserv. service
  • [WZ08-80] Security and investigation activities
  • [WZ08-81] Services to buildings and landscape activities
  • [WZ08-82] Office admin.,support, other business support act.
  • [WZ08-84] Public admin. and defence, compulsory social sec.
  • [WZ08-85] Education
  • [WZ08-86] Human health activities
  • [WZ08-87] Residential care activities
  • [WZ08-88] Social work activities without accommodation
  • [WZ08-90] Creative, arts and entertainment activities
  • [WZ08-91] Libraries, archives, museums, other cultural act.
  • [WZ08-92] Gambling and betting activities
  • [WZ08-93] Sports activities, amusement, recreation
  • [WZ08-94] Activities of membership organisations
  • [WZ08-95] Repair of computers, personal and household goods
  • [WZ08-96] Other personal service activities
  • [WZ08-B] Mining and quarrying
  • [WZ08-B-05] Industry
  • [WZ08-B-08] Industry and service sector
  • [WZ08-B-18] Industry, except construction
  • [WZ08-B-19] Industry and market services
  • [WZ08-C] Manufacturing
  • [WZ08-E] Water supply,sewerage,waste management,remediation
  • [WZ08-F] Construction
  • [WZ08-G-01] Trade, transportation, accom. and food service
  • [WZ08-G-02] Service activities
  • [WZ08-G-03] Economic services
  • [WZ08-H] Transportation and storage
  • [WZ08-I] Accommodation and food service activities
  • [WZ08-J] Information and communication
  • [WZ08-K] Financial and insurance activities
  • [WZ08-M] Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • [WZ08-M-02] Business services
  • [WZ08-N] Administrative and support service activities
  • [WZ08-O-01] Public administr., social a. personal service act.
  • [WZ08-O-03] Public services, education, health
  • [WZ08-Q] Human health and social work activities
  • [WZ08-R] Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • [WZ08-R-02] Other service providers
  • [WZ08-S] Other service activities
[UGKL01] Enterprise size classes
  • [ARBNA0010B0049] 10 to 49 employees
  • [ARBNA0050B0249] 50 to 249 employees
  • [ARBNA0250B0499] 250 to 499 employees
  • [ARBNA0500B0999] 500 to 999 employees
  • [ARBNA1000UM] 1000 or more employees
[AKEA01] Types of labour costs
  • [EU-0] Labour costs before subsidies
  • [EU-111121] Spec. payments dep. on pers.perform., comp.success
  • [EU-11131] Vacation pay
  • [EU-11132] Payment for public holidays not worked
  • [EU-11133] Payment for other days not worked
  • [EU-12111] Contributions to retirement pension schemes
  • [EU-121111] Additional contrib. to partial retirement schemes
  • [EU-12112] Contributions to unemployment insurance schemes
  • [EU-12113] ins.schemes for sickn. and long-term care
  • [EU-12114] ins.schemes for occ. accidents a.diseases
  • [EU-12115] Levy for insolvency benefits paid to employees
  • [EU-12117] Other statutory contributions
  • [EU-12121] Contr. to occupat. pension scheme Direktzusagen
  • [EU-12122] Contr. to occupat. pension scheme Pensionskassen
  • [EU-12123] Contr. to occup.pens.scheme Unterstützungskassen
  • [EU-12124] Contr. to occup.pens.scheme Direktversicherungen
  • [EU-12125] Contr. to occupat. pension scheme Pensionsfonds
  • [EU-12126] Other payments for old-age provision
  • [EU-12211] Guaranteed remuneration in the event of sickness
  • [EU-12212] Employers' additional contr. to maternity payments
  • [EU-12231] Severance pay
  • [EU-12232] Additional paym. partial retirement,early retirem.
  • [EU-6] Comprehensive non-wage costs
  • [EU-61] Comprehensive statutory non-wage costs
  • [EU-7] Non-wage costs
  • [EU-71] Statutory non-wage costs
  • [EU-D] Labour costs
  • [EU-D1] Compensation of employees
  • [EU-D11] Gross earnings
  • [EU-D111] Gross earnings (excluding apprentices)
  • [EU-D1111] Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances
  • [EU-D11111] Direct rem., bonuses, allow. paid each pay period
  • [EU-D11112] Direct rem., bon., allow. not paid each pay period
  • [EU-D1112] Payments to employees' savings schemes
  • [EU-D1113] Payments for days not worked
  • [EU-D1114] Wages and salaries in kind
  • [EU-D11143] Company cars
  • [EU-D112] Gross earnings of apprentices
  • [EU-D12] Employers' social contributions
  • [EU-D121] Employers' actual social contributions
  • [EU-D1211] Statutory social-security contributions
  • [EU-D1212] Collect.agreed, contr.
  • [EU-D122] Employers' imputed social contributions
  • [EU-D1221] Guaranteed remuneration - sickness or maternity
  • [EU-D1222] Employers' imputed soc.contr.for pens.,health care
  • [EU-D1223] Payments to employees leaving the enterprise
  • [EU-D1224] Other imputed social contributions of the employer
  • [EU-D123] Employers' social contributions for apprentices
  • [EU-D2] Vocational training costs
  • [EU-D3] Other expenditure paid by the employer
  • [EU-D4] Taxes
  • [EU-D5] Subsidies received by the employer
[DINSGF] Former territory of the Fed. Republic / New Länder
  • [DF] Former territory of the Federal Republic
  • [DN] New Länder
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