Sample surveys of income and expenditure: gen.inf., Equipment rate per 100 households, Equipment stock per 100 households, Germany, Consumer durables, Household size, Reference date [63211B5007]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Consumer durables [GUTGB3]
Household size [HSHGR2]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [anzahl] Number
  • [prozent] Percent
[ind] Indicator
  • [ATG001] Equipment rate per 100 households
  • [ATG002] Equipment stock per 100 households
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[GUTGB3] Consumer durables
  • [BUEGELM-01] Ironing machine
  • [CAM-01] Camcorder (video camera)
  • [CAM-ANALOG-01] Camcorder (video camera), analogue
  • [CAM-DIGITAL-01] Camcorder (video camera), digital
  • [CD-01] CD player/CD recorder (also PC built-in)
  • [CD-02] CD player
  • [DEC-DVBT-01] DVB-T device (decoder)
  • [DEC-PAYTV-02] Pay-TV decoder/receiver
  • [DVD-02] DVD player/recorder
  • [FAHRRAD-01] Cycle
  • [FAX-01] Fax machine
  • [FOTO-01] Camera
  • [FOTO-03] Reflex camera
  • [FOTO-04] Viewfinder camera
  • [FOTO-05] Pocket camera
  • [FOTO-ANALOG-01] Camera, analogue
  • [FOTO-DIGITAL-02] Camera, digital
  • [FOTO-UEBR-01] Other cameras
  • [GEFRIER-01] Freezer, chest freezer (stand-alone devices)
  • [GEGENSTAND-X] No item
  • [GRILL01] Grill
  • [HERD-ELEK-01] Electric cooker
  • [INTERNET-01] Internet access
  • [ISDN-01] ISDN connection
  • [KABEL-01] Cable TV connection
  • [KAFFEEM-01] Coffee machine
  • [KAM-FILM-01] Cine film camera
  • [KASS-REC-01] Cassette recorder
  • [KRAFTRAD-01] Motorcycles
  • [KRAFTRAD-03] Moped (incl. motor-assisted bicycle and the like)
  • [KRAFTRAD-04] Motorbike, motor scooter
  • [KUECHENM-01] Kitchen machine
  • [KUEHL-01] Refrigerator (also: fridge-freezer)
  • [KUEHL-02] Fridge-freezer
  • [MD-01] Mini disc player/recorder
  • [MIKROW-01] Microwave oven
  • [MIXGERAET-01] Mixer or blender
  • [MODEM-01] Modem for data transmission
  • [MP3PLAY01] MP3 player
  • [NAEHM-ELEK-01] Sewing machine (electric)
  • [NAEHM-MECH-01] Sewing machine (mechanical)
  • [NAVIGASYS01] Navigation system
  • [PC-01] Personal computer
  • [PC-02] PC with CD-ROM drive
  • [PC-03] PC without CD-ROM drive
  • [PC-DRUCK-01] PC printer (also in combination devices)
  • [PC-MOBIL-01] PC, mobile (notebook, laptop, palmtop)
  • [PC-STAT-01] PC, stationary
  • [PHONO-KOMB-01] Combined radiogram and television receiver
  • [PHONO-KOMB-02] Combined radiogram and colour television receiver
  • [PHONO-KOMB-03] Radiogram, without television
  • [PHONO-SONST-01] Other radiogram
  • [PKW-01] Passenger car
  • [PKW-GEBR-01] Passenger car, bought second hand
  • [PKW-GEL-01] Passenger car, leased
  • [PKW-NEU-01] Passenger car, bought brand new
  • [PLATTENSP-01] Record player
  • [PROAPP-01] Projector
  • [PROAPP-DIA-01] Slide projector
  • [PROAPP-FILM-01] Cine film projector
  • [RADIO-REC-01] Radio recorder/stereo receiver
  • [RADIO-REC-02] Radio recorder
  • [RUNDFUNK-01] Radio receiver
  • [SAT-01] Satellite receiver
  • [SPIELE-01] Games console
  • [SPORT-HOME-01] Sports equipment (hometrainer)
  • [SPUEL-01] Dishwasher
  • [STAUBSAUGER-01] Vacuum cleaner, also with beater brush
  • [STEREO-ANL-01] Stereo system
  • [STEREO-ANL-02] Stereo system with record player only
  • [STEREO-ANL-03] Stereo system with cassette player/recorder only
  • [STEREO-ANL-04] Stereo system w. record a.cassette player/recorder
  • [STEREO-FUNK-05] Stereo receiver
  • [TEL-01] Telephone
  • [TEL-MOBIL-01] Telephone, mobile (in-car telephone, mobile phone)
  • [TEL-STAT-01] Telephone, fixed (also cordless)
  • [TONBAND-01] Tape recorder
  • [TONBAND-02] Tape recorder, cassette and radio recorder
  • [TROCK-01] Dryer (also in combination devices)
  • [TV-01] Television set
  • [TV-02] (Colour) television set
  • [TV-03] Flat-screen television (LCD, plasma)
  • [TV-04] Black-and-white television
  • [VIDEO-REC-01] Video recorder
  • [WAESCHESCHL-01] Spin-dryer
  • [WASCHM-01] Washing machine
  • [WASCHM-02] Washing machine with built-in spin-dryer,automatic
  • [WASCHM-03] Washing machine without built-in spin-dryer
  • [WOHNWAGEN-01] Caravan
[HSHGR2] Household size
  • [HHGR1] Households with 1 person
  • [HHGR2] Households with 2 persons
  • [HHGR3] Households with 3 persons
  • [HHGR4] Households with 4 persons
  • [HHGR51] Households with 5 or more persons
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