Germany - Debts from joint and several liability - Persons counselled [DG.SLD-HAFTUNG-01.PER054]

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Federal Statistical Office Germany
Statistics on overindebtedness, Persons counselled, Persons counselled (percentages), Average debt of persons counselled, Germany, Type of debt, Year
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May 29, 2022 (1:34 AM)


Frequency [freq]
Annual [A]
Unit [unit]
Number [anzahl]
Indicator [ind]
Persons counselled [PER054]
Germany [DINSG]
Germany [DG]
Type of debt [SLDAT6]
Debts from joint and several liability [SLD-HAFTUNG-01]
Period Value
2015 50037
2016 45893
2017 32595
2018 33344
2019 27975
2020 23407
2021 21835